Sunday, September 19, 2010

CBSE Sample papers for 2010 2011 Board Examination Class 9 10 12

CBSE Sample papers for 2010- CBSE Sampe papers for 2011
Undoubtedly solving sample papers can drive huge marks in the examination. Lots of CBSE Sample papers are available in the market from class 6th to class 12th based on CBSE Examination pattern. What are the main subject’s students looks CBSE sample papers for?

Mathematics: Maths is one of the subjects which require more practice, hard work to score marks. Student try to score 100% marks in this subjects so they are always keen to practice more CBSE sample papers, Previous year sample papers and sample papers based on current year CBSE Pattern to score high marks in the examination. Similarly there are other subjects like English, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Accountancy, Economics etc. Download Previous Year Papers for 10th class

Communicative Sanskrit
Communicative Sanskrit SET1
Communicative Sanskrit SET2

English Communicative
English Communicative SET1
English Communicative SET2
English Communicative SET3

English Language and Literature
English Language and Literature SET1
English Language and Literature SET2
English Language and Literature SET3

Hindi (Course A)
Hindi A - SET1
Hindi A - SET2
Hindi A - SET3

Hindi (Course B)
Hindi B - SET1
Hindi B -SET2
Hindi B -SET3
Math - SET1
Math -SET2
Math -SET3

Science SET1
Science SET2
Science SET3
Social Science
Social Science SET1
Social Science SET2
Social Science SET3

Find More Questions papers for class 9th click here--

CBSE Model Test papers for 2010 2011

Practicing model test papers for the current year examination is also very good. So must practice all types of sample papers, model test paper for 2010 2011 examination. CBSE has also listed many sample papers on their official website for student to practice for all the subjects Hindi, Enlgish, Maths, Science, Biology, Sanskrit, Physics, Chemitry, Accountancy, Business Study, Economics for 9th and 10th.

Apart from this, CBSE has also provided a good list of sample papers for first term examination of 2010. So first try to practice these sample papers to score high marks in your terminal examination the try other like for maths together sample papers, for English again together, CBSE JPH sample papers.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CBSE Sample Papers X IX First Term Exams 2010 2011

CBSE Sample Papers X IX First Term Exams 2010 2011
First term Exams are approaching and students are also preparing hard for their examination. CBSE has give some sample papers for your terminal examination for the class 10th and 11th. Below is the list of CBSE Sample papers for Class IX and Class X for the 1st term examination 2010 of Math, English, Accounts, Hindi, Science, Home Science, Social Science and Sanskrit.

Science CBSE Sample paper for Class IX and X

Click Here

Mathematics CBSE Sample paper for Class IX and X (Class IX & X)

Click Here

Home Science CBSE Sample paper for Class IX

Click Here

Home Science CBSE Sample paper for Class X

Click Here

IX class Sample Papers for Social Science

Click Here

Xth Class CBSE Sample papers for Social Science

Click Here

IX Book Keeping and Accountancy

Click Here

10th Class Book Keeping and Accountancy

Click Here

CBSE Sample papers for Hindi –

Course A (Class IX)

Click Here

Course A (Class X)

Course B (Class IX)

Click Here

Course B (Class X)

Click Here

Sanskrit (Class IX)

Click Here

Sanskrit (Class X)

Click Here

English Language and Literature

Class IXth –

Click Here

Class X)

Click Here

English Communicative

Class IX –

Click Here

Class X
Click Here

CBSE Sample Papers