Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How to Solve CBSE Board Sample Papers - Tips

Choice of a good sample papers is advisable to the students. Instead of following many sample papers, student should stick with 1-2 the best sample papers only for CBSE board exam. Now the question is should student go for solved sample papers for the unsolved ones. Solving both types of sample papers will help you in scoring high marks in the examination but student should try solved sample papers first. Why solved sample papers: trying solved question first will provide you more insight, you would be able to save your time, you can understand the concept easily and you would also not feel sleepy and bore if stuck in between any question.

Solved Sample Papers: 

Solved sample papers should be practice at the initial level when you would be learning the concept. This will help you understand topic and concept better. Solved sample papers will guide you at every stage you find difficulty with. Finally you would be able to understand the concept more quickly and easily.

Unsolved sample papers
Once you complete syllabus then you can move towards the unsolved sample papers.  Solving these unsolved sample papers will boost your confident and problem solving techniques. You would to make you grip on the subject, feel more confident and would be able to score high marks.

Previous year question papers with solutions
Third types of sample papers are last year question papers with solution that you should also try. Solving these sample papers will provide you a better idea about the board examination pattern, marking scheme and level of difficulty. The direct benefit of solving last year papers, you would feel during examination. You should try at least last 10 years board sample papers.

Especially for class of xth and 12th student should keep these points in the mind. Practicing sample papers at the right time will help you perform better.