Saturday, October 27, 2007

How to Score Good Marks

How to Score Good Marks

How to score high marks in the board exam is big question and students try to make every possible efforts to drive it. There are some tips and tricks that will help you a lot in your board exams preparation.
How many subjects, you touch on daily basis and how much time you give for each single subject. What is the way of your preparation, these are some points that are very important while preparing for board exam and make you able to score high marks.

4 subjects on daily basis: Try to study as least four subjects out of total five per day. This will keep your memory sharp for all subjects. Spend one hour for a single subject that mean you should give four hours daily for your all four subjects. Studying and paring on one subject lose your grip on others and it again takes time to recover these again. So keep every subjects ready in your mind.

Breaks are very important: don’t study continuously for more than 1 hour. Go for a small break where you can talk to your friends but don’t discuss about study. You can watch your favorite TV program that you like most. Do whatever you like but within the time limit. Then again come back to your studies with full dedication. Don’t think about movie, songs, picture and other matters; only concentrate completely on your study.

Best time to Learn: Morning time is very good time for study. It has been stated you would be able to keep the things in mind for a long time that you learn in morning with fresh mind. Studying in morning can be quite difficult but soon you will become habitual and will find it interesting. The reason is very simple in the morning time you learn the things with fresh mind, dedication in pin drop silence.

Should students take the help of CBSE sample peppers?
Definitely you all should practice last year question papers, sample papers to understand the board pattern, marking scheme etc. Don’t buy so many extra help books or sample papers. Buy only one or two max the best sample papers for each subject.

Best sample papers and helps books:

JPH for English and math
RD Sharma for Math
Together for Math
Kundra Baba for SST
Golden Sample papers
JPH Sample papers
Ten Years Question Papers
ULike and PK Garg for math