Friday, January 29, 2010

CBSE Sample Papers How to Solve Question Papers Tips and Tricks

Solving CBSE sample papers are very way to score high marks in CBSE board Examination. Must prepar previous year CBSE sample papers for and guess papers for 2010. CBSE sample papers are available for English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry Accountancy, Economics etc. But how to prepare these CBSE sample papers of different subjects, there should be a proper way so that you can get maximum out of it.

How to prepare CBSE Sample papers:

First prepare yourself well: solving sample are very good but first make you fully prepared for the course and sample paper you going to solve and try to solve it similarity as you appear for your final board exam. Set the timings in your watch and start the question paper. You will not only solve the question papers but also come to know your weak and strong areas. You will come to know in what areas you need to work hard. Prepare the questions of same kind where you are weak.

Fear and stress: Solve CBSE sample papers also remove little bit pressure as you come to know the difficulty and question pattern. So you will feel less fear and stress. It is also true if you are tense and stressed you may forget the answers too. So be cool and prepare CBSE sample papers well for last 10 years to build your confident level.
What it the best time to prepare the last year sample papers: start preparing previous year sample papers as you finish you course and don’t lose any topic lose and prepare it very well.

How to solve CBSE sample papers: First prepare the questions in which you are very confident. If you are solving a question where you are not confident, you would have bad impression. As first impression is the last impression so try to start with questions where you are more confident. The examiner become happy and you will get high marks.
Use two pen: Use two pens one is black and another is blue. Write your answers neat and clean by specifying question number. Use blue pen normally but for specifying question number and other important notes you may use black pens. This provides a quick and clear look to the examiner.

Leave Space: Also leave space of at least 4-5 lines after the end of each question. It will give clear view of question and don’t confuse examiner.

Start and end should be very good: It is true in theoretical question no on reads the full answer. Examiners are very claver and come to know the quality of a student so you need to be very claver as well. Give an excellent start and end to each of your question as they don’t have the time to read the full answer.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to increase Memory Increase Brain Power for Students

One of the biggest problems of most of the students is memory power. You can learn better and store information in your mind for a long time, you can learn quickly as well only if you have a good memory. How can you increase memory power? How can you increase your brain power? How to learn quickly? How to improve concentration power? Are the few questions which are co-related.

Most of the people also take medicine and take advice from the doctor to increase the memory power. But apart from this there are several other ways to increase the memory power. Your mind store information in two ways one for long term and another for short term. So what you need to increase your long term memory power. To increase your long term memory power, storage capacity of information you should use the following tips.

Tips to increase memory power

First don’t take medicines to increase memory power.

Meditation and Yoga: don’t feel stress and do meditation, meditation increase your grasping and learning efficiency, you can concentrate better by doing yoga and meditation. As we all know that to increase the physical strength one opt yoga, exercises, gym and other physical activities similarly for the brain there are yoga, meditation and exercises to increase it and increase the strength too.

Concentration & Attention: Yes these two things are very important while learning anything. You should present there with your mind while learning or understanding any problem. Your you are not fully present there with your mind your mind will work like a RAM which store memory for short term period. So concentrate better and give full attention.

How do you learn & read: it also matter in many cases that how do you learn and understand one thing easily. It has been noticed that there are many people who understand better by listing it; some learn it better by writing it and rest by visual presentation. So you should also need to analyze which method works for you better. If your mind learns better by listening it, just record the thing and learn it.

Revision: Don’t forget to revise whatever you have learn to keep it in your mind for long time.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

AIEEE Date Results and Application Procedure

All india Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE), is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in India. The exam was first introduced in the year 2002 and its an national level competitive entrance examination. The Examination enables you to take admission in various undergraduate courses, you will also be eligible for 20 NIT’s. If you are looking for Bachelor in Technology (B.Tech), you will be ranked as per marks scores in PMC (physics, maths and chemistry).

More About AIEEE

Duration of Entrance Exam: 3 hour
Marks: May vary every year
B.Tech Subjects: PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)
B.Arch subjects: Matchematics and Aptitude test.
Timings: The examination is conducted on the last Sunday of April every year
Ranking Patter: All India Base & State Level
AIEEE Results: Every year the AIEEE results are declared in the moth of May

How to Apply: you can apply for the examination both only or offline. Simple steps for applying online:

Make your Email ID or you can use if you already have one
Fill the form and pay your examination fee either through demand draft of Credit card
Take the print out paste two photos there one should be attested (left side), thumb impression is needed.
Also get attest your 10th board certificate or 10th mark sheet.
You can send your application form through Indian Speed post before the prescribed date (5-1-2010) for this year(2010).

Payment: You can pay your fee through credit card, demand draft. If you are paying your fee through credit card and due to some circumstances you could not finish the process, you can ask for the refund as well by writing an application to the The Assistant Secretary (AIEEE Unit), Central Board of Secondary Education, PS 1-2, Institutional Area, IP Extension,Patparganj, Delhi 110 092" for refund.

AIEEE 2010

Question type: Objective
Negative Marking: ¼ of total marks for a given question
For BE & B.Tech subjects are: Physics, chemistry and mathematics
For B.Arch and B.Planning courses: Mathematics ,Aptitude test and Drawing

B.E/B.TECH Paper - 1

Date of Examination:

Dates Paper Subjects Timings Duration

Paper 1 Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics , 25.04.2010, 09:30 AM-12:30 AM 3 Hours
Paper 2 Mathematics-Part I Aptitude Test-PartII & Drawing Test-Part III, on 25.04.2010 2 PM- 5 PM 3 Hours

Information and Updates:

Result Declaration: 12.06.2010 to 27.06.2010