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how to score good marks in cbse exams

how to score good marks in cbse exams

Every student wants to score good and high marks in the examination. There are many tips and tricks to help the student in scoring high marks. Along with your study you also need to make strategy and plan to score high marks.

Judge Yourself

You need to judge your performance in the class, what marks you generally get in test andterm examination, what concerts and topic that you feel you lack behind. If a driver is moving at slow speed, he will definite late to reach destination or other will defeat him. You also need to be competitive in every field of your life. Judge yourself and analyze your strengths and weakness.

Take Proper Rest before Exam

It has been noticed that most of the students study late night just before the exam to get high marks, but they don’t know the fact. Student should not study late night before their exam. If you take proper rest of 8 hours then only you would be able to attend the exams with fresh mind otherwise you would feel sleepy and would not be able to recall your learning and give proper attention and concentration to the exam. Taking proper rest just before the exam day is very important.

How to Study

If you are stuck with your question and are not able to solve it, learn it then try to relate it with some real life things. It has been noticed that when a student learn something which is little hard or difficult to learn, he becomes lazy and feels sleepy. If you are taking interest in your study, then only you will learn better and quickly. You should skip that question for the time being and move to next topic/question. Mark the important point with marker, this will help you to recall and revise the topic easily.

Give enough time to revise your all subjects. Make your time table and give more time to subjects that you feel hard.

Wake up early in the mooring and start reading.
Switch off your TV, shut down your all your musical instruments and give full attention to your study, as it can disturb you.

This is a fact that student cannot study continuously for a long time accept few exceptional cases. 40 minutes are enough and try to take a short break after that. You can walk, can take coffee or tea. Now you are again ready for the mission.

Some Tips and Tricks for Exams

Don’t get feared when you first see the question paper. Read out the entire question, marks the questions with pencil that you feel confident and feel easy. It will help you to decide what specific question should attempt first.
Try to complete your questions as early as possible; you should also save some tile to review your entire question paper before handing over.

Always try to answers what has been asked in the question and don’t try to make examiner fool by making your answer long and lengthy. Don’t increase the length of the answer as it will not give additional marks but they can consume your time.

Always write neat and clean, make a use of two pens. First should be used to write headings or topics and second should be used for writing your answers. After completing your paper, is there any un-attempted questions, try to answer that too. Something is better than nothing so always try to write something relevant.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Career after 12th | career opportunities options after 12th Class

Career Advice after 12th class.

If you have passed 12th class, now it’s time to choose your career option. This stage is very important and you have to select the best courses. The following points will help you in choosing the best courses and career option.

Do you have any specific plan in your mind?
Do you want to take any specific courses, if yes then why?
What are the future growth and job opportunities in this course?
What are the job responsibility generally people assigned to in this area?
Would you consider yourself to do such duties and responsibilities?
What are the maximum salary packages generally people drive in this area?
What is the time duration of the course?
Which type of company you are looking to join, do this course or institutes provide you a way for the same?

After analyzing and considering the above point now you would be in better position to choose a specific course. You would be thinking where I can get the answers of these questions. Below are the sources which will help you to find the relevant information.

Your school teachers
Your Elders and seniors
People who are already engaging with the same industry/job
For self research you can use internet forums, communities and blogs to find more information.
Career counselors is the best option

After selecting the best courses you should also find the best colleges and institute which can provide you campus placement in big and well known companies. The name of the institution and colleges definitely weight your resume while applying for the job. The selection of right colleges and institute is very important for initial job placement. If you get success in getting a good placement then you can get huge salary packages in few next year.

Regular VS Correspondence courses

Many other correspondence or non regular universities are not bad but you will have to work hard to give interviews after completion your courses. Course fees of a regular college and non regular college are different. Regular college has higher fee structure as compare to non regular colleges. Take the prospectus and decide which college is suitable for you.

Below are the Courses where you can make your career after 12th
Bachelor degree courses in Arts (B.A) – B.A offers you many courses like B.A(h)in English, maths, hindi, urdu, French and many other languages that you want to choose. You can get degree and specialization in any specific language from this B.A(H) stream.

If you desired to move in financial sector then commerce stream is the best option for you. B.Com, CA, ICWA, CS and there are many other diploma and certificate programe which provides career options in Banking and Finance sector.

If you are aims to go in Engineering field then the best options is passing entrance test like IIT, JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT. You would be eligible to take admission in various well know engineering colleges after passing these entrance exam. The course and seat allocations based on the basis of AI rank.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

NIIT after 12

Something about NIIT

NIIT stands for National Institute of Information Technology. Niit has many branches in all over the India. You can take admission in any niit center.

Eligibility Criteria: - There is no eligibility criteria for computer coerce even if you are a child you can join NIIT. NIIT offer several courses and according to your age and you can join course, Like NIIT SWIFT, Futurz Classic, Mis, MSCIT, Computer In management and many more.
Niit has launched many other courses from this year. You can join NIIT Course as per your choice and interest.

NIIT courses

DIT – Dit stands for Diploma in computers. It is one year course. The fees of the entire DIT Course is about 35000/ approximate. But if you want any concession you can give several scholarship tests. You can get scholarship up to 100% depends upon your knowledge and mind skin. I have also done NIIT and got a scholarship of 75% on my one years fees.

DNIIT- Dniit is two years course of niit. You will learn Java, HTML, SQL/Oracle,MIS, .NET, ASP.NE, C++, JSP Advance java, computer basics and any other course which niit implements as per market requirement. But you have to pay course up gradation fees. Dniit fees is 90,000/- approximate.

GNIIT- It is Three years course. There is not huge difference between DNIIT and GNIIT. After Dniit you will get placement but after Gniit you will be placed as trainee and after taking experience for one year. You can again go for new placement based on you experience and professional knowledge. GNiit Fees is about 1,20,000/-.

NIIT Scholarship

Niit Announce Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarship every year in the month on 11th september. You can visit any of the near niit branch and ask about niit courses and Scholarship. It also announce half yearly scholarship tests. Scholarship exams normally based on English, Reasoning and Mathematics general questions . You can score up to 100%.

NIIT Exams

Niit has 4 semester in whole DNIIT course and there are 2 exams in each semester. it means 8 exams in whole 2 years course. You have to obtain minimum 50% marks to pass the exams. If you want to be placed in IT Company you have to score 75% and above in aggregate marks.

Job Companies

NIIT has contacts with many big IT companies, Banks and other management and mis based companies like Satyam Computers, Vipro, Microsofts, NDPL, BSES, CITI financial, Bank Of Punjab, Centurion Bank, HDFC, ICICI Bank, Reliance Industries, IBM and many other big companies. You have the guts to find take the job in these companies. NIIT just shows you the way and tell you who to prepare, but you have to pass the interview with your confidence and knowledge.

Best of Luck