Thursday, January 29, 2009

Diploma In BPO IGNOU Hospitality Tourism Management Short Term Courses

New Courses By IGNOU

IGNOU is going to launch 17 new courses and that are based on industry. These course will be short term to trained the students as per the various industries need and requirements. The first course that has been launched recently among these seventeen new courses is diploma in business process outsourcing.

These courses would be offered in the partnership between ignou and the industries. This is the first time ingou has entered in such kind of partnership with the industry. The courses material can be changed as per the changing time, needs and if new functionality or technology change.

These following courses would be introduced soon

Tourism and so on.

The minimum requirement for the Diploma in BPO is
Candidate should be 10+2 with minimum of 50% of marks in aggregate.
English is a compulsory subject.


A bachelor degree and above
Again English is compulsory at 10+2 or equitant
This programme will be six month and student can apply till 15th February 2009.
For more information please contact to IGNOU – Indira Gandhi National Open University

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Online CBSE Roll No Generation X XII Class Private Candidate

Online School Roll No Generation For CBSE Students

New facility by CBSE that is “online school Roll No generation” facility for the students. This facility has recently been launched by CBSE for the students. This facility will provide student easy and a fast access of their roll no online on just a click. Students need to enter User id and password in the given fields plus they have to enter the security pin that is displayed just below the text box. All you have to enter the right security pin otherwise you would get an error message.

These are the details what you have to fill in these boxes

In User Id box - enter affiliation no
In Password Field - enter school no

The facility is also available for CBSE private candidate as well. They can also check their name in the list online. Private candidate can either enter his/her full name, father name, mother name or previous roll no. this online facility is available for CBSE board examination 2009
Both 10th and 12th class student can avail this facility. Printed copies have already been dispatched by CBSE to the schools.

Simultaneously Student can have a look on the answer sheet sample copy which student needs to fill before starting of paper. This is a great step by cbse to offer maximum resources online to the student. Student now can practice it and ask if there is any difficulty and hence can save the time in board examination.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Delhi University Medical Dental Entrance Test DUMAT UCMS

U.C.M.S or UC University College of Medical Science is a college of Delhi University for Medical education. It was established in the year of 1971. This college offer education for medical students who want to be a doctor. But only selected students can take admission in this college those who pass the eligibility criteria.

It is a big institution with about 1000 bed. It offers the best education for MBBS and counted among the top colleges of India.

Two new hospitals will soon associate with this college and these are.
Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital and second is delhi cancer center.

The way is very simple; you can catch a bus to Dilshad Garden from outer Ring road.
Second way is to catch the metro rail

Address of the university

Dilshad Garden, Shahdara, New Delhi - 110095

You can mail to
1. Phone: +91-11-22582972-74
2. Fax: +91-11-22590495

These are the exam though which you can take admission in this college
DUMAT that is called as Delhi University Medical Admission Test
Another popular Testis AIPMT that is called as CBSE All India Pre Medical Test
These are for MBBS

For post graduation

DUPGET AND AIPGEE entrance test are their for post graduation.

The institute provides the excellent education facility to the students like hospital, parks, central warehouse etc. apart from college also offer residential facilities to the students.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Best way to practice ICSE Question Papers

Best way to practice ICSE Question Papers

Students are eagerly looking for some good ICSE sample papers and ICSE 2009 question papers. Are you fully prepared to solve this sample papers. These sample papers will definitely help you guys to get good marks In the examination but before that you need to have fully prepared. I mean if you are fully prepared to solve these ICSE question papers then only it will give you more benefit.

For example if you are not well prepared, you have not covered all the topics very well or you are lacking somewhere in formulas, it means you are not well prepared and you would not be able to solve the question papers.

In this case you will take help of books and your notes. What the better way is that make yourself prepare first. Make sure you have the sound knowledge of each and every topic of your ICSE book and you have covered all the topics very well. Now when you start solving these ICSE sample question paper you will find more interest. You will not feel bore and sleepy, you would be more crazy for some difficult kind of stuffs there too. On the other hand if you are not very well prepared, you can find a simple question difficult if not solved.

So make yourself prepare for a particular topic and try to solve ICSE 2009 question papers, previous year question paper of ICSE board etc.

What type of ICSE sample papers students should use that are icse question papers with answers so that students could be able to find out the right solution quickly without any difficulty if they stuck somewhere in question.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Cbse Private Exams

About CBSE Private Exam

CBSE have given facility for the examination as private exams as well. What is a CBSE private Exam? If you don’t want to attend CBSE schools on regular basis, these exams are for you. There can be several reasons for that, like non availability of CBSE schools in your area, financial problem or any other private reason. You can take admission as CBSE private candidate and can appear for the CBSE board exams that normally held in March every year.

Question patter and exams: You have to prepare the same NCERT books as a normal CBSE student. The course pattern and material is same. What the main difference between CBSE school and private candidate is that of regular schools class.

You can directly take admission in 12th class after passing 10th class CBSE exams. In case of female student, she need not to give exam for 11th class. So you can prepare for the CBSE board examination of 12th class better after passing 10th class. As you would have more time to prepare, you can perform well. But you need to show one year gap between 10th and 12th class in case you don’t want to do 11th class.

CBSE private exam will be same as CBSE regular student exams. You have to prepare the same books for CBSE private exam that other regular schools students prepare. There is no change in CBSE syllabus for private candidates and regular school students.

CBSE Private Form: Students need to submit from dully filled to regional office of the board along with prescribed fee and documents, with 2 passport size photo signed by the candidate, in case of a teacher candidate, it should be countersigned by the authorities.

In case late submission of form student has to submit late fee.

Application would be rejected and the fee will be forfeited in case of any false statement is found there.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tips for GD for Cat

Tips for  CAT GD 

As we all know that GD (group discussion) and PI (personal Interview) are the two more rounds that a student needs to clear after giving academic test cat exam. You must know what these two are, before going for the GD and PI. You must know the tips to clear GD and PI.

You would be a manager in the future so what Business schools are looking for a trained and polished man for the same. The academic test was just for the checking your basic business knowledge, whether you have the basic business fundamentals clear or not? Do you have the basics knowledge of the course material that you will be toughed the time of the different business and MBA programs?

Team Spirit: team spirit should be there in a future manager and in a team leader. If you

Another skill that is required is good listening skills. A good listening skill is very important. in GD you have to listen each and every ting carefully, what point has been raised, what topic has been discussed and what need to be discuss there. You have to take quick decision at the moment; you have to raise new points in GD. so for that you need to have good listening skills. In GD you will be judged like
How much you are aware of the things?
What is your analytical ability etc?
How you analyze a situation and how efficiently?

If you raise a point it should be genuine that relate to the GD, there must be a point behind that etc. These all abilities are possible if you have a good listening skill.

You should be confident too while raising any question or making any point. Always remind whenever you got the chance to start the topic, don’t lose it. as you will see that when GD starts one hardly gets the chance to speak. So it is a golden opportunity for you. Don’t try to talk too much as many times it can also be negative. For example if you are interrupting one or trying to cut someone’s opinion it means you are not team people.

In personal interview, you will be tested about yourself. You must have a solid reason for doing MBA, why you choose MBA as your future etc. Read some tips and take advice from your seniors about the PI.

Here is a list of commonly asked questions in PI

Tell us about yourself.
Why do you choose MBA as your career?
Tell about your personal goals.
What are your weaknesses and what are your strengths?

These are some question normally asked in PI. Also read other question answers that can be asked in Group discussion and Personal Interviews after clearing cat entrance exam.

What tips you should use for sure success?

You should have the knowledge and goals of your future goals in MBA as a manager. You should know why you want to go for MBA.
What are the goals you have decided for the same? You can give more than one reason and point. You should define your self and about your family background efficiently, your strengths and weakness in positive manner.
You should keep yourself calm

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tips To Prepare Cat Entrance

Tips for CAT 

Those who are preparing for Cat Test after their CBSE 12th board exams here are some important points and tips for scoring high marks in CAT MBA Test. It is very important to maintain speed with accuracy in CAT exams then how to deal with this problem that has become the problem of almost all the students while preparing for CAT (Common Admission Test).

Try for clue: Read the question and try to find out any clue from the answers given. If it is possible then it will save your time and a small calculation will make your thinking right.

Decimals questions: it has been usually seen that decimal questions are little bit of time consuming so don’t give so much time and skip that if you are not able to find out the accurate answer for that.

How to solve question: make it your habit to guess the next step while doing first, it will give you clue and will save your time if you are able to find out right choice before the completing the entire question. But don’t go for a wild guess. If you are able to find the right choice before solving the entire question, it will save you time and that can be used in several others.

For example if there you solving a simple step like then calculate it in your mind and don’t go for solve it in writing.
8/48 + 7/42 = 1/3

Don’t go for lcm or divide, make your mind calculate these simple steps with one go in your mind. These types of simple calculation save your lots of time.

Pre-planning: before appearing for the exam, you must make plan how to solve the paper, what trick is best one. For example if you are starting long question surely it will take you time and if you got puzzle in between then it will low down your confidence. So what is the best trick is that try to solve simple question first. These questions will take little time and give you full marks, plus will also boots your confidence.

Some times students forget to attempt question even knowing the solution. Its always happens in hurry. So always mark question with different symbol for example

Marks right symbol for those you have solved.
Marks Circle for those you don’t are confused
For those you don’t have any idea mark as cross
If you are skipping any question marks it as S

These symbols will help a lot and will save time as well.

Strategy:- How to attempt questions:
First attempt the simple and easiest
Second attempt hard one that consume little time
Third attempt all those which are lengthy
At last look at your problems.

Always remember to skip the questions that you feel difficult and move to next. Hope these tips to prepare cat MBA will help you to save your time and attempting all the questions with accuracy in your cat examination this year.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cat Preparation Material and Exam Pattern

Cat Preparation Material and Exam pattern

CAT Common Admission Test is counted among the top difficult entrance of India like IIT-JEE, AIPMT etc. It is an All India based exams and conducted by IIMs Indian Institute of Management. Various students who prepare for MBA appears for this test after CBSE XII Class.

There are presently seven IIMs in India and for admission in these institutes exams are conducted. Lacks of students appear for this exam every year. Last year more than 2 lack students were appeared for this exam.

Cat Exam Pattern:
Cat exams are based on multiple choice questions. But don’t take it as simple as there is negative marking also for every wrong answer. Total times for this test was for 2 hours in 2006 but now it has extended to thirty minutes more means two and half hour. The CAT Exam is held every year in the month of November.

If we talk about he question, before 2000 students had to face 180 question in just 2 hours of time, in coming year from 2001 to 2003 , the question limit was decreased to 150 and in the year of 2006-07 it was just 75.

It is very difficult to solve each and every question for the students; the test checks your ability to perform in pressure.

After the test, IIM declared the results of these exams normally in second week of January and asked the students to come for GD and interviews as per the all India based score.

Cat Preparation Material

For preparation of cats there are many books available in the market that claims like “Get 100% in CAT” and attract students. Student need to give a serious attention in case of CAT, it is not simple one. You have to work very hard to take admission in these IIMs.

Cat has been divided in three sections:
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

Last year 2008 there were total 90 question, 40 question in English and 25 respectively in rest of others. Last year 2008 cat examination the toughest second was DI.

Due to number of students appearing for this CAT examination are increasing continuously, so it is support to conduct CAT exams in 2009 online. It would save little bit of time as students need not to use their pens and pencils. Results can be expected soon due this new online testing for cat examination as compare to previous.

Cat study material free download: cat study material can also be downloaded from the websites online. These consist

Quantitative Reasoning - Study Material for cat: - it consist Number systems, Percentages to Permutation & Combination to Functions etc.

Verbal Ability - Study Material for cat: - it consist list of commonly used non-English foreign words

Reading Comprehension -: - there students will learn the best tips to solve Reading Comprehension questions.

Data Interpretation - : - Tables, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Line Graph and many more to name comes it this section students need to practice hard for this section as well.

Hope these information and tips for cat preparation will help you lot in understanding the concept of CAT.

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