Thursday, February 7, 2013

CBSE sample paper 10th English 2013

CBSE sample paper 10th English 2013

Section A – Passes
Q1 – Q3

Section B –
Q4. Write a notice informing students about the upcoming inter class debate completion.  Give all the important details about the venue, date, time and name of the contact person in 50-60 words. – 3 Marks
Q5. Your elder brother promised you for a new Laptop on achieving 90% or above marks in the final board examination. Explain your anticipation in a diary – entry. – 3 Marks

Q6. Recently there was a huge water shortage in your colony. Write a letter to the Chairmen DJB describing the issues, problems and suggesting ways to solve the same. – 5 Marks

Q7. Now days student are getting attracted towards the obscene and dirty pictures in Movies. How all these are negatively affecting their study and results? Express your views on the same in an article. 5 Marks

Q8. Write a speech for the morning assembly about the importance of tree in our lives and environment. 5 Marks

Sec C
Q9. Rearrange the following - jumbled words
(a) intelligence/in/other/an/excels/animals/elephant
(b) in his/ intelligence/little actions / displays/ he/ his
(c) with a/ a way/ out/whenever/with/his/difficulty// intelligence/faced/he finds