Thursday, July 19, 2007

How to Pass in Compartment Exams – How to crack the CBSE Compartment

How to Pass in Compartment ExamsHow to crack the CBSE Compartment

Did you get compartment this year in the CBSE Board examination, don’t worry and don’t lose hopes. You can break the compartment and would also be able to cover next class subject.

How to break the cbse compartment

You need to work very hard to break the compartment and cover your next class topics. From the very first day of declaring CBSE Results, work very hard on your study. Coaching should not be required, but if you need then try to ask only the difficulties and don’t cover all the chapters, topics again. Make your time table for compartment subject and give priority to the same. When you feel bore you should start studying your next class subjects then you would definitely feel happy. Give more time to cover your compartment topic.

Where to start?

First, you should start covering the topics that you are not confident with. Buy a good sample papers and analyze the pattern of board examination question papers. Note down the questions that you feel important, which repeat every year. Prepare these questions very well and also prepare other similar type of questions from sample papers and help books.

Wake up early in the morning and memorize all your formulas and things that you have studies last. In case of other theoretical subjects, revise the answers that you have learned earlier. Be sincere for your studies then only you can break the compartment. After covering the most important sections, now you should also start covering the rest topics too. You need not to cover each and every topic if time is an issue but remember be 100% confident in what you have covered.

Practice last 10 year board sample papers

When you are ready for the board examination, you should start solving few last year board papers or sample papers to judge yourself. Doing this will make you able to analyze the true picture of yours. You should define 3 hours for the test and check how much you would be able to cover and what are the weakness that you still need to overcome. In this way you would definitely be able to crack the exam with good marks.



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