Sunday, March 29, 2009

MBA Introduction Courses Scope and Job Opportunities

A General Introduction About MBA Courses Scope and Job opportunities

MBA – master in business administration

Now the MBA term has become broad, there are many courses available for MBA and student can do MBA in specific area also like MBA in Finance, MBA in IT, MBA in information system, MBA in trade and finance and many more to name. These all the courses have been divided in the mainly the following segments and these are

* Full-time MBA
* Part-time MBA
* Distance Learning MBA
* Executive MBA
* Online MBA

Distance learning MBA is become too popular nowadays in India among the working professional who don’t have time to take break for regular studies. There are many universities offering such courses. The MBA schools are popular because of its flexibility, affordable and easy fee structure. There is not need for any entrance exam and students can also take direct admission in second semester which is called lateral entry.

If we talk about regular MBA there are entrance test called CAT for that. Most of the institutes in India give admission for their various programs through common admission test, apart from this there are other B-schools.

IIMs in India

* IIM Ahmedabad
* IIM Bangalore
* IIM Calcutta
* IIM Indore
* IIM Kozhikode
* IIM Lucknow

Universities for Distance learning

Sysboisis , Sikkim Manipal Univeristy, Maharishi Dayanand University, Kurukshetra University, Amity Schools and many more.

Scope and salary

The scope and salary for the MBA is very attractive. Some lucky students even gets the salary in lacks from the big well known companies. Students, who gets such huge salary mostly gets recruited from the various IIM and B schools. There are numbers of job opportunities for MBA peoples in various fields like banks, finance, it, industry and almost in every field, but you should have the guts to get one.

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pharma university delhi DIPSAR

Pharma University in Delhi DIPSAR

With the efforts of Delhi government now, the first full fledged pharmaceuticals university is going to start in Delhi. This university will start its operation soon in this coming July 2009. There are presently more than 800 graduate pharmacy colleges in India which offers various courses in many fields.

Now what is in demand “ Quality of Education”. This university will offer quality education for both under graduate and postgraduate programs. It will have many departments like pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, control pharmaceuticals management, quality assurance and clinical research. The demand for trained professionals in all the fields is constantly growing. This is the great move of Delhi government toward such kind of university in Delhi.

For the admission point of view these are the requirements by the university.

12th class mark sheet
DOB certificate
Last School provisional certificate
Character Certificate from the last attended school
If there is any gap , certificate for the same for proof if any
Two colored unattested Passport photo
Medical certificate from a medical practitioner, holding the degree not below MBBS.
Cast certificate (Delhi Only)
any other Certificate for the benefits and claim

Admission time: 10:00 am to 4 PM, Which includes lunch break from 1 PM to 1.30 PM
Fee for the various courses like B-Pharma in first year is 16500, for M Pharma it is Rs. 15000 and for the D. Pharma the fee is 10000. The fee is not refundable.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Timetable Tips For Students For Exams – How To Make Best Timetable

Timetable Tips For Students

Results of 9th class students will be announced on 31st March 2009. There is no double all the students would be pass except some exceptional case. So you all would be so exciting that you will face CBSE boar exams this year and there would be many who would be little bit scared of it. Don’t worry CBSE board exam is not horror. These are simple but your terminal marks will not be counted in 10th, there would be just one and final exams. All the other exams, terminal exams and pre board exams are just for the purpose to check your performance and your preparation.

Don’t be panic and start practice from initial stage with determination and hard work. a well organized time table is necessary so that you can give time to your all subjects and more time to your weakest subject. It is also true that planning do not work for all, it work for those who follow it. Don’t make a tough plan with overload and lots of responsibilities. A well panned and organized study routine makes you able to finish your entire subject with revision thus you get good marks in examination.

You should also include some rewards in your time table. Like if you finish 2 chapters today then you may go for computer game or any other activity that you like most, but not for too much time.

Tips to make time table

There should be little breaks for your favorite activity or game to make your mind fresh.
There should be time for your family member.
Consider which subject is difficult, allocate more time to that.
Don’t try to go for long hours of breaks.
Exercise should be a part of your time table which makes you active and also keep your mind stress free.
Don’t strict with it, if you think you are not comfortable with it, change it.
There should be time for your revisions at least once in a week what you have covered.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Best Books For IIT JEE AIEEE Recommended Help book

Best Books For IIT JEE and AIEEE preparation

Choice of best helps books is very important for IIT JEE and other entrance exam preparation. There are some good helps books for the entrance test preparation.

IIT-JEE Recommended Books

Chemistry: books from Arihant Publication, IIT Chemistry by O.P. Aggarwal
Physics: H.C.Verma, Resnik and Halliday
Math: K.C.Sinha , M.L.Khanna
Coordinate Geometry: S.L.Loney
Guides for IIT- Tata McGrow Hill Publication
MCQ Maths: Das Gupta
Guides and helps books of Arihant Publication, Dinesh Publications and MTG- Publication are very good and highly recommended for IIT JEE
Best Theory books for Physics: hc verma and pradeep

Don’t forget to finish your NCERT books. Reading so many books for same subject is not worth instead choose the best one and practice the only one is advisable. Reading same concept from too many books is time consuming which we all don’t have for IIT-JEE. So be wise and chose the best and one book for each subject. Before buying any helps book and guide first look for the text books. Learn the basis and practice general questions then move for other helps and guide.

Important points to remember:

Choose one and best book to clear your basic concepts. Don’t go for too many books.
NCERT: First give preference to ncert books and must start from it. Try to solve questions available in NCERT books and move for advance questions in other books.
So always prefer one and quality book which is much better that too many books.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

IIT JEE Exam 2009 AIEEE Preparation Tips Points

IIT JEE Preparation Tips

As you passes your secondary board examination, First finish your NCERT books, as these are not only important for your marks in CBSE board but also make your base and basic understanding. You have to prepare various sample papers for IIT and Sample papers for PMT; you can find these sample papers in competition magazines. Choose best books for your preparation and solve it completely.

Try to know your weakness and where you are lacking as in IIT PMT exams you must be 100% prepared. Try to finish your ncert books of both 11th and 12th class. Now practice more and try to overcome your weak areas. Practice some last year sample papers to build your confidence level and gain knowledge.

When you feel confident, join a good coaching center where you will come to know and learn some quick tips and tricks. There you will do regular problem solving practices. As you have all the basic and some advance concepts clear so you should not feel any difficulty in understanding some difficult questions. Thus you will gain more knowledge, build confidence and sharp your skills.

Ability: As IIT-JEE is one of the toughest exams at 10+2 level so you need to improve your ability as well. Judge your ability and try to improve it with more hard word and tricks. It consists: Reading ability, understanding, writing, thinking and managing ability.

Reading Skills or Reading Ability: You should have to improve your reading skills as well. For example how to read, how you grasps the concept etc. So your reading skills to be good and need to be improved. Your reading speed should be fast and you should be able to absorb the concept and ideas quickly. Stress which is the biggest obstacle that divert your reading and understanding ability, you would not be able to grasp the concept properly if you feel stress. So try to avoid stress.

Managing Study: For IIT-JEE preparation one has to also need managing skill to mange all their subjects along with IIT preparation. As we all know that just after 12th board exam you have to face IIT-JEE test so you need to continuo your IIT-JEE preparation with your schools. You have to face board exams as well as you have to prepare hard for IIT, so it very important how you manage your study.

Competition: as the competition is increasing day by day, so you need to make your mind extra sharp to rank your self high in the examination.

Best Books for IIT JEE PMT: It is also very important to practice best books for IIT-JEE, AIEEE preparation.

tips to prepare IIT-JEE Part 1

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to Prepare for IIT JEE AIEEE PMT Entrace Exams

How to prepare for IIT JEE AIEEE PMT

This is the exams supposed to be very difficult at 10+2 level. Preparation of IIT-JEE requires more hard work, dedication and planning. Joint Entrance exam is conducted by the Indian institute of technology. Admonitions in various engineering and science courses are only possible after these examinations they offer.

The first step for preparation begins from the class CBSE XI that is determination and planning.
First you will have to be clear about all the fundamentals of 11th and 12th class syllabus.
Go in depth, mere basic knowledge is not enough. Apart from your text books, solve other help book question as well. Coaching is very important in IIT-JEE as you have to rank yourself top and for that tricks and tips for solution work. You will solve a question with simple and ordinary method but in a good coaching center you will be taught about quick tricks to solve the questions fast. Therefore selection of a good coaching center is very important that can provide quality education.

Both math and science requires deep and quality understanding. Different questions require different techniques and methods to solve the question. Most of the students face a common problem that they forget what they had studied. It is all due to lack of proper planning and revision. Therefore all the students must prepare a long term study plan to revise your all subjects after regular internals. Try to revise weekly basis it would be good.

How to Prepare For IIT JEE Part 2

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

CBSE Result Verification of Marks 10 12 Aieee Aipmt

Online CBSE Result Verifications - Just on one click

CBSE continuously improving and helping students in many ways. CBSE has also intruded Online verifications of your marks, students can easily verify their marks online by just entering their roll number, at present you can verify CBSE Board marks from the year of 2004 to till now. This is a good movie of CBSE to facilitate not only but especially other organizations and agencies. They would be able to match the marks easily without going for any complex and time consuming process like sending letter for verifications and then waiting for cbse approval etc. With this new system results will be verified at one click.

CBSE Result verifications is not only for CBSE board exams but also for other examinations conducted by Central board of secondary education like AIEEE , AIPMT. These results are same declared but if case of any variation; you can forward the request to the regional office of the board.

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CBSE Results 2009 10 12 class – X XII Board Result

CBSE Board Results 2009 X XII class

Compartment Results 2009

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 CBSE Results for PMT/PDT exams

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CBSE Board Results 10th and 12th for the year 2009
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