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Career as Chef Job Opportunities Courses Institutes In India

Career as Chef - Job Opportunities Courses & Institutes

The growth in hospitality industry has given rise to a growing demand for professional chefs. Earlier cooking was the daily chore or was meant for special occasions only, but now a days cooking is an art and a craft to be acquired that would give competitive edge to a chef. Chef is responsible for preparing all the dishes. Its chef who plan the menu, determine the price and how much it will cost to make the dish. Its chef’s duty not only covers cooking the food but also serving it in a good manner with stylish decoration. It’s meant a chef needs to be creative in serving all the dishes. Now the demand of the chefs is on rise. If you love cooking, serving and you have faith that you can win the hearts other people by your art of cooking and serving ability then this is a right option for you.

Course Details

There is three year diploma and four year degree course in hotel management. To get admission in this course you need to be 10+2 pass. There are so many institutes in all over India which offered the hotel management course. If you want a degree then you need to give an entrance exam in conducted by the national council of hotel management and catering technology (NCHMCT). If you don’t have so much time for this course, then don’t worry as sort duration certificate courses are also available in food processing and cookery science.

Career options – jobs options in this course

To get the job in this profession is not tough work since there is a number of food processing companies, restaurants, hotels and air catering etc. so if you hol a degree, You may get job anywhere like in hotels, restaurants, air catering, food processing companies, catering in confectioneries corporate catering etc. we often see the canteens in schools, collages and canteens, u may get the job there. A chef also have two choices, one can be either food writer or a food journalist. if you join a IHM institutions and get two years post graduation degree then this degree will allow you to join as faculty member either in government or in private institutions which offers hotel management courses. You could be owner of your own restaurant, canteen, hotels etc. Even you can get job in abroad.

Required skills for career as a chef
• You need to have every type of knowledge about different kinds of food.
• Chose this profession if you are really love cooking, or we can say if cooking is your passion, so that you may get success in this profession.
• You must be passionate towards cooking.
• You must have ability to serve food with a smile under pressure.


You salary depend on the place where you are working and experience also helps you to earn more. Like in canteen you salary will be 10,000 to 15,000 per month and on the other hand in restaurants you may earn 20,000 to 30,000 per month or it can increase from 1 lake to 2 lake. It actually depends on you and the popularity of your hotel, restaurant means how big and famous it is?


• National council for hotel management and catering technology.
• Delhi institute o hotel management.
• Lbiihm.
• Institute of hotel management.
• Amity school of hospitality.
• Institute of hotel management.
• State institute of hotel management and catering technology.

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Career as Air Cabin Crew Job Opportunities as Cabin Crew

Career as Air Cabin Crew - Job Opportunities as Cabin Crew

Air cabin crew carries so many jobs responsibilities like managing and management of air hostesses, Flight attendants, Flight supervisors etc. Ultimately their work is to take care of the passenger, take are of their comfort and safety while traveling in the airplane. Job responsibility consist, checking the tickets and show them their seat, assisting them in storing luggage, teach them about the safety seat belt, emergency equipment and show them exit doors etc. Its also their duty to check out that all the necessary things are like first aid kits, other emergency equipment sufficient food and beverage etc. They survey food and other general requirements of passengers and take care of their comfort in the air craft.

Typical work activities

• For being a member of Air Cabin Crew, the minimum qualification is 10+2 pass or intermediate or graduate from a recognized university.
• Age should be between 17 to 27 years.
• Some physical attributes are also required for this course.
• Your height should be 157.5 centimeters and weight should be in proportion to height. Mostly airline appoint only unmarried candidates.
• A candidate need to have a normal eye sight of 6/6 uncorrected vision in each eye.
• Must have fluency in Hindi and English. Fluency in other languages along with Hindi and English would give and added advantage.
• An applicant must have pleasing personality and clean complexion.
• Making announcement on behalf o the pilot and answering passenger questions during the flight.
• Completing paperwork along with writing a flight report.

Career prospects - Job Opportunities

If you are looking for the same kind of job, you can get job opportunities in public sector airlines like Indian airlines and air India but mostly Cabin crew members preferred private airlines like Jet Airways, Kingfisher, Spice Jet, Indigo, and Sahara Airlines. Experience matters in every field and in this field also your experience would be count, You will get promotion, salary increment and other benefits as per the experience.

Salary and other benefits

• Your salaries are would be around £12,000 to £14,000 a year.
• After getting more experience you can reach to £15,000 and £21,000.
• A senior crew earn up to £25,000 a year.
(You can also increase your salary by overtime)

Skill and knowledge what you need
• In this job you need to have diplomacy.
• You must be polite with every passenger but firm approach when dealing to a difficult customer.
• Your speaking voice should be clear.
• Always enjoy of teamwork.
• You must have ability to be calm and focused under pressure as you have to face problems while communicating with passengers.
• Be sensitive towards people who are anxious or upset.
• Be punctual and fast so that you could work quickly and efficiently.
• You need to good in mathematics so that u could handle cashes including foreign currency.

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Career as Travel Tour Guide Courses Job Opportunities India

Career as Travel Tour Guide & Courses

Traveling has become very easy these days. Many opportunities have opened because of the growth of travels and tourism industry. Another option is tour travel industry is working as a tour guide; yes the jobs are there in the market and offer cool salary and entertainment. It require good communication and also a challenging job. As tour guide must have deep knowledge of the tourist destinations, associated with art, architecture and cluttered.


Tour guide training courses are conducted by tourism offices of government of India, held in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and kolkata. To be able for this course you need to have graduate degree from any stream. In the end of the course a license is given to the students. Many institutes of India provide the short term course for graduates. A tourism and travel administration/managements courses are offered by several institutes.

Career prospects - Job Opportunities

A tour guide can easily find job opportunities in tourism departments and tourism directorates of the union and state governments. Beside it, a tour guide can work in the private sector with travel agencies and tour operators. To work as travel journalists or travel writers is one of the good options for a tour guide and tour guide can also work as a freelancer too. So start a self employment is good option in this sector.

Earning of a tour guide totally depend on the skill abilities, professionalism and of course on the customer satisfaction. They can earn Rs. 30,000 to 40,000 and even more in the three to four months of the season when tourist comes in a big quantity.

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Career as Travel Agent Courses Job Opportunities in India

Career as Travel Agent Courses Job Opportunities

Travel agent is the person who work for travel agencies and also work for their clients, offers end to end travel services and solutions. Its his duty and responsibility to arrange transportation, car rentals. Nowadays travel agents make use of computers to give the information to their clients related with cost, schedules, and routes and confirmation of reservation etc. In short it’s a travel agent responsibility to pick the tourist from the destination point and to offer all the required services like train or airplane tickets, other tickets. Unfortunately if the client wants to get change his ticket or want any other day’s ticket then its travel agent who change the ticket. The clients notify the travel agents to make other arrangements if one not satisfied with the arrangements. A travel agent spent his most time working with the computer or telephone completing paperwork, and conferring with clients and making travels arrangements.


To be a travel agent its necessary to have a good, excellent communication skill, customer service skills, sales skill. He/Shee needs to have great patience, cool temperament to work under stress. Many travel agencies hire travel agents from a business school, university, vocational school or collage in hospitality of tourism and travel. An agents need to know how to run a business profitably. In the upcoming years the importance of computer is going to be increase rapidly.

Certification and advancement

Some of the employees start their career from clerk or receptionists in the travel agencies. Having some experience and some formal training they can take on grater responsibilities and eventually and probably the duties of agent.
To start your own agency one need to have experience in an established agency as have can easily get formal approval from suppliers or corporations, such as airlines, ship lime, or rail lines to extend credit on reservations and ensure payment.

Job prospects

The jobs opening s of travel agents comes normally in vocation and summer season no only in India but all over the world. The salary and job responsibility depends on the qualification and experience of the person.

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CBSE Grading System X 10 9 Class from 2010-11 Introduced

CBSE Grading System Introduced in X and IX class

Finally Grading system in CBSE X class has been introduced and will work form the next year 2010-11. The board exams now have become optional for x and new system called continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) has been approved based on grades. There would be two assessment during a year called as formative and summative assessment.

About Formative Assessment: it will be based on class work, homework, assignment and project work done by the students.

Two evaluations would be there each in first and second term and will carry 10 marks.

In summative assessment based on the term end examination:

There would be one term end exam for each term. The first term end exam will carry 20 marks and second will carry 40 marks.

There would be total 9 grades for class IX and Xth. Grade for a student would be based on the marks obtained in formative and summative assessments. Here is the complete detail of grading system.

Marks Obtained Grade
95 and above A1
90 to 94 A2
85 t0 89 A3
80 to 84 B1
70 to 79 B2
60 to 69 C1
50 to 59 C2
33 to 49 C3
Less than 33 D

There will be only two terms in a year. So the examination burden would be less as compare to the previous one. Let see what will be the impact of this grading system. As per the pole conducted on this website, students still wants to boards exams in x class as compulsory.

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