Friday, May 9, 2008

Career Options in Arts, BA and opportunities

Career In Arts / Humanities Stream- Jobs Opportunities After Arts

Arts and Humanities: This subject is always known of low grade steam, but if we look closely on some great posts like IAS and IPS officers our thinking can change. Most of the offices come out from Arts stream. By choosing this stream you can several career options like travel and tourism, journalism, business management and advertising.

Humanities is the best and first choice of all students who wish to give civil service exams. But this stream doesn’t offer as wide range of career option that other streams offer like commerce and science stream. Students can take admission in these courses easily as these don’t demands high marks in 10+2 level.

It has been also seen that the students who choose arts for their career after 10th class, don’t think about it, they even don’t decide their future after it. There may be several reasons for that, There many be lack of proper guidance, there may be less marks which not enable students to choose his subject and there may be some financial problem. The students from arts or humanities degree also don’t get high paying jobs except in some cases. It has been proved by suggested research. The students do not plan anything after getting their degree from the university.

So, most of them look forward for government jobs, by giving competitive exams. Some get temporary jobs on the basis of basic computer education plus a graduate degree. Very few of them go for higher studies, those who have some plans in their mind. So it is always advisable to think, make you mind set, for a stream after 10th class. It is the first stage of your career.

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