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how to score good marks in cbse exams


how to score good marks in cbse exams

Every student wants to score good and high marks in the examination. There are many tips and tricks to help the student in scoring high marks. Along with your study you also need to make strategy and plan to score high marks.

Judge Yourself

You need to judge your performance in the class, what marks you generally get in test andterm examination, what concerts and topic that you feel you lack behind. If a driver is moving at slow speed, he will definite late to reach destination or other will defeat him. You also need to be competitive in every field of your life. Judge yourself and analyze your strengths and weakness.

Take Proper Rest before Exam

It has been noticed that most of the students study late night just before the exam to get high marks, but they don’t know the fact. Student should not study late night before their exam. If you take proper rest of 8 hours then only you would be able to attend the exams with fresh mind otherwise you would feel sleepy and would not be able to recall your learning and give proper attention and concentration to the exam. Taking proper rest just before the exam day is very important.

How to Study

If you are stuck with your question and are not able to solve it, learn it then try to relate it with some real life things. It has been noticed that when a student learn something which is little hard or difficult to learn, he becomes lazy and feels sleepy. If you are taking interest in your study, then only you will learn better and quickly. You should skip that question for the time being and move to next topic/question. Mark the important point with marker, this will help you to recall and revise the topic easily.

Give enough time to revise your all subjects. Make your time table and give more time to subjects that you feel hard.

Wake up early in the mooring and start reading.
Switch off your TV, shut down your all your musical instruments and give full attention to your study, as it can disturb you.

This is a fact that student cannot study continuously for a long time accept few exceptional cases. 40 minutes are enough and try to take a short break after that. You can walk, can take coffee or tea. Now you are again ready for the mission.

Some Tips and Tricks for Exams

Don’t get feared when you first see the question paper. Read out the entire question, marks the questions with pencil that you feel confident and feel easy. It will help you to decide what specific question should attempt first.
Try to complete your questions as early as possible; you should also save some tile to review your entire question paper before handing over.

Always try to answers what has been asked in the question and don’t try to make examiner fool by making your answer long and lengthy. Don’t increase the length of the answer as it will not give additional marks but they can consume your time.

Always write neat and clean, make a use of two pens. First should be used to write headings or topics and second should be used for writing your answers. After completing your paper, is there any un-attempted questions, try to answer that too. Something is better than nothing so always try to write something relevant.


can you please give some example of the concept based question???????

its very good that u all are encouraging the the students .
These tips will definately help me.
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thanks to cbse for the tip.
these helps me a lot and i suggest every study to follow these tips.

Thanks a lot for the tip. It has helped me a lot for scoring in my 10th Board exams. Hope other students also wil find this useful.

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