Saturday, January 17, 2009

Best way to practice ICSE Question Papers

Best way to practice ICSE Question Papers

Students are eagerly looking for some good ICSE sample papers and ICSE 2009 question papers. Are you fully prepared to solve this sample papers. These sample papers will definitely help you guys to get good marks In the examination but before that you need to have fully prepared. I mean if you are fully prepared to solve these ICSE question papers then only it will give you more benefit.

For example if you are not well prepared, you have not covered all the topics very well or you are lacking somewhere in formulas, it means you are not well prepared and you would not be able to solve the question papers.

In this case you will take help of books and your notes. What the better way is that make yourself prepare first. Make sure you have the sound knowledge of each and every topic of your ICSE book and you have covered all the topics very well. Now when you start solving these ICSE sample question paper you will find more interest. You will not feel bore and sleepy, you would be more crazy for some difficult kind of stuffs there too. On the other hand if you are not very well prepared, you can find a simple question difficult if not solved.

So make yourself prepare for a particular topic and try to solve ICSE 2009 question papers, previous year question paper of ICSE board etc.

What type of ICSE sample papers students should use that are icse question papers with answers so that students could be able to find out the right solution quickly without any difficulty if they stuck somewhere in question.

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hi i just want to know from where i could get the private forms, i have to go to any school ?,....plz help me ,...i m in need

hi i am janani i need some solved sample papers......plz help me

hi i hv failed in 12th boards, can i give private exam for year 2010-2011.
and where i could get private forms?

hii im dollar vyas from sanawad. i have given 12th exam last yr as a regular candidate but failed in three subjects.i want to give exam of 2011 as a private but i was not able fill form in its last date so is there any other way i can give exam this year....

i'm a 11th failed student i want to do my 12th cbse exam in private....plz id is