Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Last Year Question Papers 12th IIT JEE, Previous Two 5 10 Year's Paper

Why to read 5 to 10 year question papers?

Students should always practice last year question papers. There are some great benefits of that have a look.

Examination pattern: Last year question papers will let you know that examination pattern, question pattern and style etc. You would come to know what type of questions comes in the examination. You should practice at least 5 last year question papers.

Confidence level: Practicing previous year question paper will finally increase your confidence level. If you feel confident, the chances of getting high marks would be more.

Analyzing yourself: By solving last year question papers, you will definitely come to know about your weak points and mistakes.

Work Efficiency and speed: You will also find some improvement in your speed after attempting several previous years question papers. Therefore you would not only be able to solve your paper but also find time to revise it.

Examination stress: Practice will make you prepare for the final examination and you would be able to give your exams without fear and stress.

Examination Strategy: Many times after coming out of examination hall students makes these kinds of statements:

"If I would have 2 minutes more, I could definitely complete that question."
"Oh sit, I had time but I could not see that one."
"I could not find sufficient time to re-view my question paper, so I missed that question."

What is all that? I think lack of examination strategy. So practice at least last 5 to 10 year CBSE question papers for cbse students and other students practice their subjects question papers too, and make strategies like how to start?, what to attempt first?. You will surely perform 100% after making strategy for the examination.

It doesn’t matter in which class you are? Whether you are preparing for IIT-JEE, ICSE board, CBSE board exams, graduation exams or many other entrance test exams liek B.Ed, MBA, MCA, BBA, B.Tech etc, you must practice last year question papers.

You will get 100% in your examination if you practice last 10 year question paper.

Best of Luck

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