Thursday, August 27, 2009

CBSE Board Exams optional CCE grading system coming

 CCE Grading system

Good news for CBSE Xth class students. Now the CBSE Board exam for 10th Class is going to be optional from the next year and it would also be confirmed with a formal announcement with all the details, like what would the new system to replace 10th class board exams etc. It would be announced most probably on coming Friday 28th Ausgust 2009.

From the sources it has been come to know that CBSE has prepared the format of an aptitude exam for class x and schools can use it for the test on the basis of understanding level in different subject. Grading system would be implemented instead of marks. but it also has been said that CBSE is conducting surveys whether students still wants board examination for Xth class or not. Only after that it would be finalized whether new system would be introduced or not?

There is also a provision that there may be two options for the students first those who want to opt for board and the second for those who don’t. There many be another provision of online certification. There would be online demand test for those who don’t want to take the board exams but also want to get the certificate later on. This certificate would be equivalent to Xth class certificate exam. Let’s wait and look at the final decision

Write your Comments and suggestions what you want ?
Grading System should be introduced ?
Board Exams should be continued ?

The choice is in your hand.


Board exams should be conducted.It gives the students an idea of how the 12th board paper will be prepared.And most important the students will have only the tension of boards.If this new system is applied that the 10th boards are finished then the students will have to work much harder than before & it may be more stressful.The new system of cce should not be implied.All the time we have to make projects and if its not done, we lose marks.Moreover we do not have the time for making so many prjects.They should be given in limit.So its my humble request to the cbse that PLEASE CONDUCT THE 10th BOARD!ITS VERY IMPORTANT.

under this new method it is compulsory that a student should be under the books of the teacher. lots of partiallity will prevail. not all teachers would sincerely value the holistic development of a child. they will put the grade at random. i personally feel board exam should continue

board exam should be conducted because ,students must be under the good books of allthe teachers always. teachers will exploit the students for giving grade. they will be partial and we are at the mercy of the teachers

in case of class 9 students for the year 2009-10 the final exam question papers have been set by cbse for all the scools. But due 2 different datesheets ,many scools have got same papers as in other scools. this has prooved to b unfair for many students as other students get the ouestion paper, of the same code as of their school,from other scools.

its not at all good as der will be too much of partiality.......

BOARD! this fear should be there so that students should be ready for there 12th exams because our 10th marks decide our collage and 12th marks decide our career!!!!!!!!!!!!!.THEY SHOULD COME TO KNOW HOW WOULD BE THE LEVEL OF THERE 12TH EXAM!!!!!!!IN THERE BOARD AND IT WILL SHOW THERE REAL CALIBER AND POTENTIAL

Board exam should be conducted beceause by board exam we will know about the 12th class

u all may be parents who wrote this comments...check the student's horrible it is at this age...u guys don't understand that career can be made by knowledge,not applying force or tension

board exams should be conducted, at the same time the teachers could take the internal assesments.
the level of standard & the importance of studies has gone down because of this system
this has increased our 9 graders tension &study level.

This is a very hectic system for student.

board exams are much batter bcoz CCE has come like a tsunami in the life of ours leaving all of us mournful...i will be thankful if u get back boards .....i m dying for them ...really!

i think boards should be conducted..that's not as stressful as cce having boards exams is much more better humbly requesting please continue with boards...

yes,i agree with you all.This is wrong as teachers will give grades at random putting intelligent students down if compared to others.

Plz stop this it has made a pain to hea;lth for students..... PLZ DONT DO such experiments with students life..there will be no value of class 10..plz think on this .and talk to students about this.....students r living a stress ful life.......the student lyf has been destroyed.......... STOP PLAYING WITH STUDENTS LYF!!!!!!!!!!!

i want board in fact we all in my class want board by introducing cce we are more stressed.

i think boards is the best option for students who study whole year and for those students too who study in last months as all get their respective marks accordingly how they prepared, a studnt use to enjoy all festivals social life and time with parents or family which is totally absent with this new system , he/ she is just not free from the useless projects which are suppose to be copied from internet , usually a lot of students waste time on internet surfing some other stuff , they r just transforming into copycats , at this tender age they do not know what a project means so why, school teachers themselves r not able to cope up with this method , like in sa2 there will be 10 chapters to be taught and where is the time just 4 months to get the chapters in the blood and at the same time all major festuivals will land up, so from where a student will seek some moral values or enjoy the bond with family he / she ll be just busy with projects and homeworks
the generation passed out wuith board exams r doing well in the present situation and is equipped with knowledge
at the same time board should put some sensible chapters in mats like banking or some thing to deal with commercial mathematics so that a student get s an idea of a day to day life practical use of mathematics right now we r having a chapter real no. which is totally useless
anyways please do not make students a netfreak , bring board exams back in existence

System should be uniform;No boards should mean no boards for EVERYONE.Making it optional would again put us in doubt whether the children who opt for boards would be given priority for admissions after 2 yrs over the ones who opted for school conducted exams.

bt everyone is saying dat if we are giving the board we have to leave cbse dis true?////////

i want to ask that if there is no +2 in my school then syllabus of board will be whole book.

What was CBSe thinking??
Had they thought of going from sudden killer at the end of the year to silent killers throught the year??
If this CCE was a examless system then why SA1 and SA2.
CBSe is a cunning fox, First it says there is no Board Exam = Mothers are happy cause they have seen the perils of Board exams and relieved that their kids dont have to go through it.
Then it makes Board Exams optional while making it necessary to write if you have to leave school = Moms see their "Essential Worth " and advantage and compell kids to write the Board exams.
So Basically, CBSE ensured its system without getting away with Board Exams= CUNNING & CRUEL.