Saturday, December 20, 2008

How to Prepare for English, Learn Easily Tips Tricks for CBSE Board Questions Answers

How to prepare for English – Tips for Student to prepare English in CBSE board Exams

How to learn Questions - Answers?

This would be a good question for the students that how they learn answers?
It’s very important to know the meaning of all the difficult words that you have faced while reading.

First marks the difficult words and then write down on your notebook. Find the meaning of it though dictionary or you can also find online. If you have computer then install “Hindi – English Dictionary” and find the meaning of all the difficult words. It will save your time.

Leann all these words and again go though the lesson. Now you would be able to understand it better and you also find interest in reading. Now with the help books you not only be able to learn the answers easily but also you can write them without much mistakes. After leaning try to write it on you rough notebook and find your mistakes and try to correct them. Again try and you will definitely would able to write it quickly without mistakes. Give a thorough reading for all your answers after regular intervals, it is very necessary.

Grammar: if you have a sound knowledge of all the grammar concepts, you can score high marks as grammar section don’t take much time. Just try to finish it first and then move to text book and finally solve unseen passage problems.

Practicing all grammar section as well as your textbook questions answers writing on your rough book so that the possibilities for mistakes can be minimize. As practice makes a man perfect so do as much practice you can till you feel confident.

Hope you all get good marks in your CBSE Board examination.
These tips are also helpful for all the students not just for CBSE board but also 5th class to 12th class students.

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