Sunday, December 7, 2008

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers 12th 10th | Last Year Question Papers

Previous Year question papers for 10th and 12th class - Last Year Question Paper 10th and 12th

CBSE Previous year questions papers helps students to a great extent.

Pattern of Question paper and Questions types: - Previous year sample papers help students to understand the question pattern better. Students can understand better that what types of question are normally asked in 2 marks, 4 marks and 6 marks questions. What is the difficulty level of these questions is there any need for sample paper if yes that what would be the best choice for them. So these points would help the students to get good marks.

Practice: practice makes man perfect, so students can practice previous year’s questions and can judge themselves. How to practice these questions?

If you have completed your syllabus, you should find out 3 hours for a paper and start solving it without the help of any book. Practice like an examination hall. After completion of 3 hours, mach your answer sheet with the solution and judge yourself by these questions.

How many questions you have attempted?
What is your weakness?
How much you have scored?
Are you able to complete the paper within the time?

Remember it was not the real examination hall and you didn’t have the pressure what students actually feel at that time. Practice this way for each and every subject. So practice more and more soon you will find yourself confident for the CBSE board exams and you will not also feel a great pressure on you.

So must practice for last 10 years cbse question papers

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