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How to Attempt Question Paper | CBSE Theory Papers English Hindi Science Biology

How to Attempt Question Paper to Get High Marks?

Some times student fails to get high marks though they have a good practice. Some time they got puzzle, some time they forget the answers and some times they do not attempt question answers in a proper way.

While you sit in examination hall and receive the question paper from the examiner, go through the question paper. First attempt the grammar section as it takes less time. Don’t devote much time if you are puzzle or have some doubt, leave the question and move to another. But don’t forget to mark UN attempted par in your question paper. Without wasting your time move to text book and attempt only those questions first in which you are more confident.

Leave proper gape between your answers. Highlight question number with black pen and underline that or mark circle over that, it facilitates examiner to find your question easily. If are confident in all the questions than you should answer the questions serial wise. The first impression is the last impression so always give a terrific start without any mistakes.
When an examiner checks the paper, he can imagine the quality of a student by checking just few questions.

If you are fluent and not making any mistakes teacher naturally understands your quality and don’t give too much time to check other questions and give good marks as well. At last you should attempt unseen passages section and try to attempt it carefully. Don’t forget to answer those questions first in which you feel more confident.

If you attempt the paper in this way, you will surely get good marks. These examination tips also help students if they don’t have much preparation for the exams. These tips are not only for English but also helps in other subjects. These tips works not only in theory paper in your cbse Board like English, Hindi , Science, History etc but also works for your other papers. So always remember these points to get good marks in your examination.

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