Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tips for GD for Cat

Tips for  CAT GD 

As we all know that GD (group discussion) and PI (personal Interview) are the two more rounds that a student needs to clear after giving academic test cat exam. You must know what these two are, before going for the GD and PI. You must know the tips to clear GD and PI.

You would be a manager in the future so what Business schools are looking for a trained and polished man for the same. The academic test was just for the checking your basic business knowledge, whether you have the basic business fundamentals clear or not? Do you have the basics knowledge of the course material that you will be toughed the time of the different business and MBA programs?

Team Spirit: team spirit should be there in a future manager and in a team leader. If you

Another skill that is required is good listening skills. A good listening skill is very important. in GD you have to listen each and every ting carefully, what point has been raised, what topic has been discussed and what need to be discuss there. You have to take quick decision at the moment; you have to raise new points in GD. so for that you need to have good listening skills. In GD you will be judged like
How much you are aware of the things?
What is your analytical ability etc?
How you analyze a situation and how efficiently?

If you raise a point it should be genuine that relate to the GD, there must be a point behind that etc. These all abilities are possible if you have a good listening skill.

You should be confident too while raising any question or making any point. Always remind whenever you got the chance to start the topic, don’t lose it. as you will see that when GD starts one hardly gets the chance to speak. So it is a golden opportunity for you. Don’t try to talk too much as many times it can also be negative. For example if you are interrupting one or trying to cut someone’s opinion it means you are not team people.

In personal interview, you will be tested about yourself. You must have a solid reason for doing MBA, why you choose MBA as your future etc. Read some tips and take advice from your seniors about the PI.

Here is a list of commonly asked questions in PI

Tell us about yourself.
Why do you choose MBA as your career?
Tell about your personal goals.
What are your weaknesses and what are your strengths?

These are some question normally asked in PI. Also read other question answers that can be asked in Group discussion and Personal Interviews after clearing cat entrance exam.

What tips you should use for sure success?

You should have the knowledge and goals of your future goals in MBA as a manager. You should know why you want to go for MBA.
What are the goals you have decided for the same? You can give more than one reason and point. You should define your self and about your family background efficiently, your strengths and weakness in positive manner.
You should keep yourself calm

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