Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tips for Learning Tricks for Better Reading for Students


Tips for better Learning

Here are some good learning tips and tricks for students which will boost their learning power and helps in better reading.

Selection of Books: Buy one and the best book don’t go with multiple books. Take advice from your seniors and teachers and buy the best one. Reading from many books waste your time which is very costly.

Space and environment: you should read and practice in calm environment especially in case of theoretical subjects. You reading place should be neat and clean which gives you good feeling while learning something. All the books and articles should be well organized.

Motivation: There should be some kind of motivation like if you cover all three chapters within the time limit and did not make any mistake, you can play your favorite game for one hour etc. It will temp you to learn dedicatedly.

Make Notes: Notes plays very important part in your learning. So always make notes like class room notes, textbook notes etc

For better understandings in the classroom, you should give a through reading for the same lesson one day before, so that you could understand chapter very well.

You should try to read fast and grasp more things as well.

Always read in the proper light.

You need to read with full concentration for better learning.

Don’t sit behind the window while reading as it will disturb your mind outside.

If you don’t understand any part, just try to connect it with something that you know.

Practice makes a man perfect so don’t forget to revise all your topics and questions once in weekly, fortnightly or any other schedule you have specified for that.

In this way you can utilize your time in best matter and you will get good marks in the examinations.

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