Saturday, February 14, 2009

How To Avoid Stress Examination Days Tips

How to Avoid Stress in Examination days

Few days have been left for the examination and students are working hard to get great marks. One the biggest problem that students feel at this time is stress.
Yes stress is one of the biggest problems, as the exams come closer; it creates mental stress on the students. There may be some negative affects to the examination stress. So what how can we avoid it? How can a student be tension and stress free in examination days?

There are some tips to avoid such examination stress.

1:- Exercise and meditation: Meditation and exercises remove stress. if you are feeling too much stress, try some of the best exercises and meditation which especially deal with stress. Regular practice will make your mind stress free and you would be able to learn better. The best and very simple exercise is walking so walk for some time. You will get some fresh air and you will feel fresh.

2:- Healthy diet: Always take healthy and nutritious diet to make your mind sharp. Avoid junk food and try to take fruits with your meal.

3:- Make Plan: those who don’t make plan for the study may suffer with stress problem. Proper planning helps you to prepare as per the examination, and subject wise. We can take an example for examination hall, when you attempt your question paper and at last if you find any un-attempted question that you know very well. How would you feel, the answer is stress. What is the lacking there “proper planning".

4:- Avoid Tea and coffee: Avoid taking too much tea or coffee as there is caffeine, which prevents your mind to concentrate on your study.

5:- Learn in better way: If you are learning something then learn it properly. Don’t try making yourself fool that you are learning by devoting your maximum time to study. Intact if you learn cleverly and eagerly you can learn quickly. First understand everything just memorizing is not enough. Understanding is better than memorizing it or we can say you will learn thing easily if you understand it.

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