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Career in Travel Tourism Jobs Opportunities


Career in Travel Tourism Jobs Opportunities

People often plan a tour during vacation. Normally they don’t have enough information about historical or other place like where to stay, name of the hotels, routes maps, type of food available, mode of transport, distance from their place of residence etc. so this is the job which means as a tour operator you will have to plan the entire tour for them.

As a good tour operator you must have each and every type of information, knowledge of various places of tourist interest. You must have the ability to organize all the facilities which a tourist need or want. It is your duty to make you client satisfied or happy. Another good feature that a tour operator must have is good communication and understandability. You would also need to have understanding of and knowledge of other language as you would have to face tourist from many countries, but its not compulsory to have the knowledge of each and every language, but if you have then it will be your plus point. You must have a reliable transporter who does not have any bad habits and must be punctual. It’s your duty to be in constant touch of your client till he leave for home.

Travel & Tourism Course details

You need to pursue a specific course for that which will provide you everything and other necessary information with practical experiences. You will also be taught to speak various other languages. It will give a professional outlook; it will teach you how to behave with your client. A degree or diploma or certificate courses in travel and tourism give one a professional outlook and provide an edge over others. Minimum qualification of this course is 10+2 pass. While for others its bachelor’s degree.

Institutes for Travel and Tourism Courses

Any course related with tourism and travel sector can gives you an insight into tour operations. There are so many collages and institute are available which offer such course in travel and tourism.

Here is the list of some good Institute and colleges

Government of India tourist offices
Indian institute of tourism and travel management (IITTM) new Delhi kolkata and gwalior ,
kurukshetra university, haryana;
Delhi university
Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu,
MS University, Baroda. Ect

How much you can earn ?

One can easily earn 8000-15000 per month in starting and can move further as per their ability. After 5 to 7 years of experiences one can set up his own tour operation.

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