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Career as Travel Agent Courses Job Opportunities in India


Career as Travel Agent Courses Job Opportunities

Travel agent is the person who work for travel agencies and also work for their clients, offers end to end travel services and solutions. Its his duty and responsibility to arrange transportation, car rentals. Nowadays travel agents make use of computers to give the information to their clients related with cost, schedules, and routes and confirmation of reservation etc. In short it’s a travel agent responsibility to pick the tourist from the destination point and to offer all the required services like train or airplane tickets, other tickets. Unfortunately if the client wants to get change his ticket or want any other day’s ticket then its travel agent who change the ticket. The clients notify the travel agents to make other arrangements if one not satisfied with the arrangements. A travel agent spent his most time working with the computer or telephone completing paperwork, and conferring with clients and making travels arrangements.


To be a travel agent its necessary to have a good, excellent communication skill, customer service skills, sales skill. He/Shee needs to have great patience, cool temperament to work under stress. Many travel agencies hire travel agents from a business school, university, vocational school or collage in hospitality of tourism and travel. An agents need to know how to run a business profitably. In the upcoming years the importance of computer is going to be increase rapidly.

Certification and advancement

Some of the employees start their career from clerk or receptionists in the travel agencies. Having some experience and some formal training they can take on grater responsibilities and eventually and probably the duties of agent.
To start your own agency one need to have experience in an established agency as have can easily get formal approval from suppliers or corporations, such as airlines, ship lime, or rail lines to extend credit on reservations and ensure payment.

Job prospects

The jobs opening s of travel agents comes normally in vocation and summer season no only in India but all over the world. The salary and job responsibility depends on the qualification and experience of the person.

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