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Career Options Radio Jockey

There are many jobs as Radio jokeys RJ nowadays, before few years it was not so popular and the jobs were also very limited. But now the scope has become broader, new radio changes have been launched and there is a great demand for radio jockeys. Making your career as radio jockeys would be wrong decision, especially for those who wants kind of entertainment job. Job opportunities have increased rapidly in these kinds of job after several new radio stations, channels, FM Channels get launched. The job not only gives you money but also makes you famous, you gets name and fame both with money. These job have become of the reputed jobs nowadays.

Qualification for being a RJ

Want to be a RJ, below are the qualification that you should have and these are:


This is the one of the main factor that one should have to be a perfect RJ, you should have a good communication skill not only in Hindi but also in English. Apart from that if you have command over other domestic and international language then it’s a plus point.


Another quality that you should have is “Understanding Power. You should have the ability to understand others. A Good RJ talks efficiently with other and conveys his message to others, he can better understand others and make other better understand as well. You should know how to present your views in front of others. You must have the basis how to talk, how to behave etc. Other qualities are Voice Modulation, good diction and a good sense of humor.

Qualification: - there is no need to have any specialized degree or higher education, formal education is more enough if you have other qualities. Education qualification doesn’t matter what degree you have and of which stream etc. The students who have done just their 10+2 are being hired by the well known private channels for RJs. If we talk about the age limit, the person below the age of 35 is mostly preferred. There are few institute provides coursers for radio jockeys, RS etc, what they teach you is “ THE ART of TALKING”.

Job opportunities and Scope: Earlier the jobs were limited but now the jobs opportunities have been increased, the scope have increased and one can earn min 7k/m to 15k/m as a fresher. After experience you will get high salary packages. the job is entertaining and interesting.

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