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Career as Chef Job Opportunities Courses Institutes In India


Career as Chef - Job Opportunities Courses & Institutes

The growth in hospitality industry has given rise to a growing demand for professional chefs. Earlier cooking was the daily chore or was meant for special occasions only, but now a days cooking is an art and a craft to be acquired that would give competitive edge to a chef. Chef is responsible for preparing all the dishes. Its chef who plan the menu, determine the price and how much it will cost to make the dish. Its chef’s duty not only covers cooking the food but also serving it in a good manner with stylish decoration. It’s meant a chef needs to be creative in serving all the dishes. Now the demand of the chefs is on rise. If you love cooking, serving and you have faith that you can win the hearts other people by your art of cooking and serving ability then this is a right option for you.

Course Details

There is three year diploma and four year degree course in hotel management. To get admission in this course you need to be 10+2 pass. There are so many institutes in all over India which offered the hotel management course. If you want a degree then you need to give an entrance exam in conducted by the national council of hotel management and catering technology (NCHMCT). If you don’t have so much time for this course, then don’t worry as sort duration certificate courses are also available in food processing and cookery science.

Career options – jobs options in this course

To get the job in this profession is not tough work since there is a number of food processing companies, restaurants, hotels and air catering etc. so if you hol a degree, You may get job anywhere like in hotels, restaurants, air catering, food processing companies, catering in confectioneries corporate catering etc. we often see the canteens in schools, collages and canteens, u may get the job there. A chef also have two choices, one can be either food writer or a food journalist. if you join a IHM institutions and get two years post graduation degree then this degree will allow you to join as faculty member either in government or in private institutions which offers hotel management courses. You could be owner of your own restaurant, canteen, hotels etc. Even you can get job in abroad.

Required skills for career as a chef
• You need to have every type of knowledge about different kinds of food.
• Chose this profession if you are really love cooking, or we can say if cooking is your passion, so that you may get success in this profession.
• You must be passionate towards cooking.
• You must have ability to serve food with a smile under pressure.


You salary depend on the place where you are working and experience also helps you to earn more. Like in canteen you salary will be 10,000 to 15,000 per month and on the other hand in restaurants you may earn 20,000 to 30,000 per month or it can increase from 1 lake to 2 lake. It actually depends on you and the popularity of your hotel, restaurant means how big and famous it is?


• National council for hotel management and catering technology.
• Delhi institute o hotel management.
• Lbiihm.
• Institute of hotel management.
• Amity school of hospitality.
• Institute of hotel management.
• State institute of hotel management and catering technology.

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