Thursday, January 6, 2011

Clinical research courses career salary india clinical research organization CRO

Clinical research courses career and salary India

Clinical Trials or Clinical research is a kind of testing and research for a new medicine. It involves the a complete deep study of a medicine, its impacts, human/animal behavior, symptoms etc. Usually the clinical trials or clinical testing undertaken on animals but human beings also take part in this research voluntarily after understanding of all the side effects and loses on their body. Students with PCB are only eligible for such kind of clinical research courses. There are numbers of short term and long term clinical courses available in India.

Job opportunities and salary packages: You will get a higher salary in Clinical research organization. There are various clinical research organization in India where you can get handsome salary. The numbers of clinical research organization have been increased in recent past years and yes the job opportunities have also increased for the students. Most of the company outsources clinical research services from India. There are lots of courses and career options available in India in clinical trials or clinical research field.

Short term Clinical Research Courses India – Full time clinical research courses in India
Full Time Courses clinical research and clinical trials
M.Sc. in Clinical Research & Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research
Part Time clinical research courses in India
* PG Diploma in Clinical Research and Clinical research Data Management
PG Diploma in Clinical Trial Management and clinical research specialization in Business Development
PG Diploma in Pharmacovigilance
PG certificate and Certificate in Clinical Research for Nurses

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