Saturday, March 14, 2009

Best Books For IIT JEE AIEEE Recommended Help book

Best Books For IIT JEE and AIEEE preparation

Choice of best helps books is very important for IIT JEE and other entrance exam preparation. There are some good helps books for the entrance test preparation.

IIT-JEE Recommended Books

Chemistry: books from Arihant Publication, IIT Chemistry by O.P. Aggarwal
Physics: H.C.Verma, Resnik and Halliday
Math: K.C.Sinha , M.L.Khanna
Coordinate Geometry: S.L.Loney
Guides for IIT- Tata McGrow Hill Publication
MCQ Maths: Das Gupta
Guides and helps books of Arihant Publication, Dinesh Publications and MTG- Publication are very good and highly recommended for IIT JEE
Best Theory books for Physics: hc verma and pradeep

Don’t forget to finish your NCERT books. Reading so many books for same subject is not worth instead choose the best one and practice the only one is advisable. Reading same concept from too many books is time consuming which we all don’t have for IIT-JEE. So be wise and chose the best and one book for each subject. Before buying any helps book and guide first look for the text books. Learn the basis and practice general questions then move for other helps and guide.

Important points to remember:

Choose one and best book to clear your basic concepts. Don’t go for too many books.
NCERT: First give preference to ncert books and must start from it. Try to solve questions available in NCERT books and move for advance questions in other books.
So always prefer one and quality book which is much better that too many books.

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