Saturday, March 21, 2009

Timetable Tips For Students For Exams – How To Make Best Timetable

Timetable Tips For Students

Results of 9th class students will be announced on 31st March 2009. There is no double all the students would be pass except some exceptional case. So you all would be so exciting that you will face CBSE boar exams this year and there would be many who would be little bit scared of it. Don’t worry CBSE board exam is not horror. These are simple but your terminal marks will not be counted in 10th, there would be just one and final exams. All the other exams, terminal exams and pre board exams are just for the purpose to check your performance and your preparation.

Don’t be panic and start practice from initial stage with determination and hard work. a well organized time table is necessary so that you can give time to your all subjects and more time to your weakest subject. It is also true that planning do not work for all, it work for those who follow it. Don’t make a tough plan with overload and lots of responsibilities. A well panned and organized study routine makes you able to finish your entire subject with revision thus you get good marks in examination.

You should also include some rewards in your time table. Like if you finish 2 chapters today then you may go for computer game or any other activity that you like most, but not for too much time.

Tips to make time table

There should be little breaks for your favorite activity or game to make your mind fresh.
There should be time for your family member.
Consider which subject is difficult, allocate more time to that.
Don’t try to go for long hours of breaks.
Exercise should be a part of your time table which makes you active and also keep your mind stress free.
Don’t strict with it, if you think you are not comfortable with it, change it.
There should be time for your revisions at least once in a week what you have covered.

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