Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yoga in Schools for students as physical education

Now yoga will be introduced in Schools as compulsory

Now students would be taught yoga in the school soon. Yes, Soon it is becoming compulsory in schools to teach yoga to students in physical education. NCERT is ready with the syllabus and teacher guide. Test book are being prepared for the same.

Many schools in Bangalore teach yoga to students. It has been said that text books may be too bulky as physical education is practical oriented and if all the methods, technique in the books, it would results in bulky books. Few schools teach yoga during assembly but its not compulsory but there is not especial yoga teachers in the school for guidance.

Yoga is very important for each and every one and from the 1st class a student should be taught yoga. The problem of stress and tension in a growing child is a big problem and it can be avoided with the help of yoga. Students could not find time for yoga classes after the school so it would be a right decision to teach yoga in the school for all the classes.

Yoga is ancient art of keeping ourselves fit, healthy and fine. Not only students but all of us should bring it in our daily lives. Yoga education is not compulsory in the school but form the next academic year it can be compulsory in the schools. It would be really a good move for students.


ya,, both board n cce r nice....... bt givin grades, i think its not too gud,,,,, nd all r sayin to study to score more gud marks,,,,,,,, we should alwayzz study to gain knowledge not to score gud marks..... bt now a dayzz marks means everything..... its not gud...

CCE is not good for students. As it removes our base for Class 12.Still we have a lot of confusion about it. Firstly rules should be decleared properly. Then it should be alloted.