Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Memorizing tips increase memory power


Exams are approaching, students are very tense about too. The main problem what most of the students face is memorizing the answers. There are few tips how to memorize your concept quickly.

Memorizing Tips for students

If you are leaning a long answers, first break it down in short parts or paragraphs. In case of paragraphs you will be able to learn it quickly and you will also not feel bore and sleepy. But in case of long and lengthy paragraphs one would feel that.

Meditation and relaxation: if you are not able to concentrate on your studies, do some meditation and you will see the results.

Concentration is the main thing, if you are not able to concentrate well on what you are learning, you can’t learn it properly and for a long time. You will forget whatever you learn, so it is very important to concentrate on your study properly. If you are able to grasp it in the first attempt then it is very good, as it has been also observed in few condition when one don’t able to learn something even after doing a lot of hard work, he/she feels sleepy or bore. This can divert your mind from study. So first try to concentrate well and if you still not able to learn it well, leave it and move to next topic.

Take breaks while studying: Students also should take breaks during the studies. Take 5 minutes break after 1 hours of study. It will make your mind fresh and you would be able to give 100% again to your study with good concentration.

Drink more water: it is also a good tips for memorizing better. Not only students but we all should drink water as much as we can.

Try to associate difficult names and dates with interesting things like movie name, song etc. You will be able to recall it easily.


Awesome........... i have tried them and have got results..... i will apply them for the upcoming ICSE also....Thank you......