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How to Speak English Fluently Tips Ways to Improve English Fluency

How to speak English fluently Tips Ways to improve English Fluency

Today, it is very necessary to have a good command over English. English has become the common languages of communication. If you are a good speaker, it delivers a good impression over others. English has become the world top speaking language. How to learn English easily? How to write English correctly and how to speak it fluently is the main problem. First let discuss about students problem, how would they learn and write English with an ease without any mistake.

Vocabulary: it is the root without it you cant write, understand and speak English language in fact for any language, it is very important. So first of all we should increase our vocabulary. Simultaneously it is very important for the students to learn correct forms of the verbs. After that you should move towards tenses and grammar practice. Watching English movies and reading newspaper daily will also help you to grasp and learn English. Study grammar deeply and keep all the important concepts in your mind.

It takes time to speak English Fluently. It will take your time if you are a beginner and learning it from the initial stage. For those who have the knowledge of basics grammar, tenses and speaking but could not speak English fluently. Watch the English movies as I have already discussed, watch the discovery channel in English, read English newspaper daily.

How to read the newspaper?

Jus reading will not improve your speaking fluency but you will have to make some extra efforts for that. Take a paper and pen with dictionary. Read a topic and note down all the difficult words. Try to find out the meaning form the dictionary and write down on the paper. Learn them and again start reading the same topic. Now this time you will feel more confident. Make this your schedule and practice it on regular basis. Apart form reading newspaper there are many more things like magazines, gadgets and manuals.

Improve Vocabulary: as I have mentioned above that vocabulary is very important for every one. No one is perfect; there are n numbers of new words. Try to improve your vocabulary and note it down on a book.

Study English Every day:  First make you habitual to study English on daily basis. Learn the new words every day and try to cover at least 50 words per week (no too much). Keep revising the words meaning that so that you can keep it for longer time.

Through Reading: reading news papers, magazines and English text books are also very good to improve your English. First start with the book that you like that most, you will not only find it interesting but also be able to understand better without even a dictionary. So for example if you love watching and playing cricket then start with cricket news. You would fee that you can understand it better and compare to the news that you don’t like to read.

Movies & TV News: Today there are lots of sources which provide us a great and easy source of learning and improving English. Don’t start with new movies, starting watching movie that you like the most and concentrate on the dialogues. Understanding these would be easier and better to you compare to new movies. Watch TV news on daily basis, it would be easier to understand TV news compare to radio. Be ready with paper and pen and note down the difficult words.

Make Strategies: you should set some targets like 30 minutes study on daily basis and learning at least 50 to 60 words per week. Also use them in your own sentence.

What if you feel bore, it has been notice what every activity you do, one time you definitely fee bore. So try to switch to the interesting things when you feel bore. Studying forcefully will not be helpful.

Other Tips

Make good friend circle and have a group discussion on weekly basis.
Practice English speaking in front of mirror.
Watch English movies, news and read English news papers on daily basis.
Read a book of dialogues
Chat with your friends online
Record your own voice and listen it, this will help you to judge you.
Play word game with your friends
Watch your favorite movie on DVDs for 4-5 times.


Should I join English Speaking Classes?

If you are thinking to join English speaking classes in an institute, you should but if you are confident and have the basic knowledge. Do you have the basic knowledge of grammar, tenses, modals etc. If not first learn it from your nearest coaching center or by any good reference book. English speaking classes makes you able to speak English fluently. If you don’t have the basic speaking knowledge then you are wasting your money. English not only improve your fluency but also improve your presentation style and way of talking in front of others.

The best way to practice "English speaking" is the talking in front of mirror. Practicing daily in the front of mirror also helps to improve fluency and way of talking. Many times you would have noticed that when you meet a new person you hesitate in talking with him. Try to speak with your friends who and asked them to ping you in case any mistake. Always try to speak correctly. Every one makes mistakes so don’t bother about that but try correct it in future.


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