Friday, December 19, 2008

Study Tips IIT JEE Physics Chemistry Biology 10th 12th students

How to Study - Tips for IIT JEE Preparation - How to cover All your subjects

Students who are preparing for IIT-JEE needs work extremely hard to crack IIT-JEE, AIPMT etc exams. These exams are counted among the toughest entrance exams. To get success in these examinations with good marks is not too easy. So students need not specially work hard with pre panning. Many serious students also take few hours of sleep and devote as much as time they can to their studies.

Here are some tips for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics subjects how to prepare them. First of all students should make a schedule and time table for the study as they not only prepare for IIT JEE but also for CBSE Board Examinations, so they have to cover other subjects as well along with entrance exams preparation. They also have to score good in their board examinations.

If you are preparing for these entrance exams then try to save time, you can take leaves from your school if you find your class worthless for you. It has been seen that students not able to utilize their time in schools properly. They have to attend the class whether it is worth you or not. But don’t go for too many leaves as it has already been announced by CBSE( Central Board of Secondary Education) that students must have 75% of attendance to be appear for the CBSE board examination.

Make full use of your weekends and holiday. Don’t waste these precious days in extra activities. Make a tight schedule for study and study according to that. But also don’t forget to take a small break while studying. Continuous studying is also not good for mind as well as health. So whenever you feel tired or bore take a small break. Try to utilize your break time for your favorite game if possible or any other activity you like most. But it should not be more than 15 minutes.

Study topics form your each for at least 1 hour. Means you have to give at least one hour for every book. If you are unable to solve something, leave it as it can put you in sleep mode. Means you can feel bore and sleepy if you stuck in some question. Try to solve it by taking hint from your colleagues or tutor.

Revision is also important with preparation so in weekdays make your schedule to revise what every topic you have covered in the week. Similarly revise all your topics at the end of each month. It will make you prepare not only for board exams but also for entrance exam preparation. How to prepare for IIT more tips...

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