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CBSE biology sample papers 12th 10th Class | Previous year questions

How to Prepare for Biology - Biology Sample Papers

Lets talk something about biology which is another bid difficult subject for students. How to study biology and what cbse Biology sample papers you should practice. As we have already talk in our previous post that was about physics that students should study any subject like a story. If you are not taking interest that means you are wasting your time which is very precious . You will not find interest if the concepts are not clear to you. So always learn the basics first and then try for upper level to score the high marks in (central board of secondary education) CBSE board examination.

In the case of Biology, its all about theory. Biology is based on real life examples and it is all about you means human being, animals and nature. Understandings level may vary from student to student. Some students are naturally more intelligent and learn the concept just by hearing, some are lower as compare to them, in this case they need to understand topic by flow charts, visuals and diagrams. So just you need to judge yourself where you stand and try to learn accordingly. You can also talk the help of internet which can provide you several useful recourses.

Every students need to practice at least one hour daily and always study in details. Read your Biology theory as story and try to fix it in your mind. Try to cover 3 to 4 topics daily and don’t forget to revise them at least once in a week.

Always prepare short notes that will help you while revising these topics. You will get the idea about the topic and learn it quickly if you have made notes yourself.

Next day you start a fresh topic and learn it again. Don’t leave other previous topics and give them a quick review once in a month. In this way you can prepare it easily. In the six month, again revise all your topics that you have covered.

Prepare all the questions whether it is of 1 mark, 2 marks, 3 marks or 5 marks. Now comes at biology sample papers and text books that you should prepare. First the only book is NCERT, try to cover it deeply then move to other help books, sample papers. You should also study last year biology sample papers. as previous year paper would really help you to understand the examination patter and difficulty level. If you have covered all these things it means you are ready for the annual exams. One more thing that helps you to score high marks is your confidence level and presentation style. For good cbse sample papers you must take advice from your teachers, your seniors or you can also ask on the internet by posting in good educational forums. You will get the best advice from the experts. these tips are very useful for all class students whether you are from 10th cbse board or 12th cbse board.

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