Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CBSE Important Questions 10 12 Math Physics Chemistry Biology

CBSE Important Questions 10th and 12th class

Students are eagerly looking for some important questions for all you CBSE and ICSE board papers whether it is match, science, English etc. What important questions meant?
Important questions means that pattern of question that can match with your actual CBSE board paper.

Those students who have not practiced sample papers, guide or helps books properly, search for these kinds of term like important question for CBSE math paper, important questions for CBSE English paper, science, physics, chemist etc, On the internet you will find those question that you have already prepared in CBSE sample papers for both the class whether 12th or 10th. These questions would be beneficial more for those who are lacking somewhere or are not prepared very well for CBSE board exam 2009.

Must prepare 6 marks questions, if we talk about 10 class, there would be total 5 question of 6 marks. So must prepare for 6 marks important questions. In 12th class there would be total 7 questions of six marks each, it means total 42 marks questions.

The best idea to practice such questions is:

Find some last year cbse sample papers, find out the last questions of mathematics of 6 marks each and prepare them well. Don’t learn them, understand them properly. It would be better for you to understand these questions for long term. Similarly have a look on last year question paper and find out the long question in section D.

Take your help books and guide, prepare these question. You can also cover short question if you have prepared long question very well. Similarly compare last year paper for each subject like physics, chemistry, biology, accountancy, economics and other subjects. Use the same technique and prepare all the important questions of each subject. As there is not much time left for the board examination so do fast. Best of luck

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