Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cbse Important Questions Science Physics Chemistry Bio 2009 10 12

CBSE Science Physics Chemistry Biology and other subjects important tips

As in the previous post students were guided about how to find the important questions for each and every subject. For xth class science all physics, chemistry and biology would be combined but in 12th class all these are separate. Xth class students can take any CBSE ten year sample papers and can mark the most important cbse questions which are continuously repeating. Some times you will find the question have been asked in two different ways but the answer is only one and same. These types of questions normally come in economics and English. You will have to read the question carefully.

For 12th class students the technique is same note down the question that are reaping several types in last few year science sample paper of physics, chemistry and biology. If you are unable to find the question then find out the topics in which high marks question would have been asked most of the times. Prepare that topic well so that you can give the answer effectively.

These all tips are for those who are not very well prepared for the examination due to some problem like illness. There would be very few students who could not prepare well for the CBSE board exams due to some problem. But don’t get tense and prepare for the examination.

Finally some advice for all the students

Don’t drive too fast whether it is vehicle or bicycle
Eat healthy
Keep safety on road
As it is the crucial time for you all

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