Saturday, February 7, 2009

Useful Tips for Board Examination

Some Useful Tips and information For students

Hi students hope you all are doing well for your board examination. This is the time to work hard to revise all your subjects. This is the time for final touch and just few days have been left for the CBSE board examination. How are you preparing your subjects? Are you not able to concentrate on your studies? There are some tips for the students that will definitely help you to get good marks. Some students would be feeling tense not to worry just read these tips.

Tips for Good marks

Tips to Avoid stress
How to Attempt Question Paper

Work hard and use this precious time as much as you can for your studies. I think all you would have finished your all CBSE syllabus like math, science, English, Accounts etc. Those who are confident enough “Don’t be over confident”, try to improve you more by solving all the previous year board cbse question paper.

Most of the students would be preparing for IIT-JEE simultaneously, don’t worry there are some tips for you as well. Each and every one want to achieve higher marks to get their dreams true. Some of 12th class students would be thinking to take admission in some well known colleges like S.R.C.C, Kirorimal, Has Raj and many more to name, but remember it is very tough to be listed in these colleges. You need not make your target 100% then you will be able to get admission in such colleges.

So my advice is to use this time as well as you can.
Best of luck for your CBSE Board Examination.

If you are not aware of the CBSE Board datesheet, here it is.

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