Thursday, February 19, 2009

CBSE Model Papers 2009 10 12 Class

CBSE Model Papers

As CBSE sample papers helps students a lot to achieve their goals similarly CBSE model papers. First you all have to prepare some last year cbse papers after that if you got time you must practice CBSE model test papers. Practice makes a man perfect to in case of mathematics you should practice model test papers as well. But if we talk about English the grammar section is important so you can solve the grammar section of CBSE Model Papers. In case science, it is also important to solve these CBSE model papers.

In case of other subjects like Hindi, History these cbse model papers are not so important. It will be better to prepare your NCERT and other regular help book that are you already using. All the students especially 10th class and 12th class must practice it.

For economics, 12th class students must rely on their own notes. As this is best key of your success in case of Economics, always make notes for Economics. Don’t forget to practice graphs, graphical presentation gives good impression to examiner. Clearly make the graphs and explain it efficiently.

Now the turn if or accountancy, here these papers are very important if you have time. Otherwise your text books and helps books are enough. If you have a good command over all the questions of your help books, you can score high marks in accountancy.

Its means practicing model test papers is important in Mathematics, Science English and Accountancy. But finally if you don’t have enough time to practice, don’t let CBSE last year papers 2008, 2007 etc unsolved. So prepare for your CBSE board examination 2008-2009 dedicatedly and do well. If you are feeling stress due to examination here are some tips for you to deal with this problem, avoid examination stress.

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