Monday, February 16, 2009

English Exam Tips to Score High Marks in Board Examination

How to Attempt English Board Paper Effectively to score high marks

Teaching has become more advanced and also changed to a great extent in the recent years. With the advent of Information technology, it’s become very simple and easy for a student to think beyond the area of their subjects. As the education syllabus is also going little bit hard as compare to recent years. Student must know the easy and quick way to solve the question easily, quickly and more accurately within the prescribed time limit.

Tips to score high mark in English

First we talk about the reading skill. It requires more practice; it is very necessary that student could scan the whole passage and understand it properly in one go. The main problem that students face is, to find out the meaning of difficult words. This problem can be solved by deeply reading preceding and succeeding sentences.

There are some points that you need to keep in mind before reading the passage.

You have to give the answer quickly so keep all the questions in your mind son that you can underline the answer while reading the passage.
Don’t waste your time and energy by giving lengthy answers, always answer the question point to point and within the prescribed limit.

How to make the note, the best way is the read it quickly and mark the main points which are important. Use the bullets and numbering. Make the proper section of the note like main, sub section etc. Try to write correct, complete and clear answers. In case of writing a notice, advertisement or post, completeness plays a vital role. So your answer should be complete.

In case of questions and answers of literature section, it is very important to have a point wise knowledge of lessons and poems. You would be able to describe the situation in any manner asked in the question short or long. Students waste their times in writing long answers for a short question. It is not waste your time as well as create bad impression. Instead you should use this technique in long questions. A long question should be answer in at least three paragraphs. It has been seen that students start their long answers with the word like “The Author/writer/poet”, instead you should use the name there if possible. As it has already been said don’t waste your time to give answer above the prescribe limit.

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