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List of IIT About Indian Institute Technology in India Information IIT-JEE

List of IITs (Indian Institute Technology) in India
about IIT-JEE

List of Indian Institute of Technology consist a complete list of institutes that offer higher education in India and also known as institute of national importance. There are currently total 13 engineering and technology institutes in India. These iits are known for high quality educations and develops skilled engineers and scientists.

There are 7 iits in India and these are located in different cities like Delhi, Guwahati, Bombay, Madras,Kharagpur,Roorkee and Kanpur. In the coming years more IITs would be established as per the government and total number of IITs would be 16. These new IITs would be established in Indore, Varanasi, Bihar, Hyderabad, Orissa, Gandhinagar, Rupnagar and Mandi. If you want to take admission in any of these IITs, you will have to clear joint entrance exam JEE. All these IITs follow the same rule for admission in undergraduate courses. This exam is also known as IIT-JEE. If you are willing to take admission for post graduate courses, then it is based on JMET, GATE, JAM and CEED.

The oldest IIT is Kharagpur IIT. Kharagpur IIT also has medical technology school, management school, infrastructure designing school and a low school. It is spread over 8.5 km of area or we can say over 2100 acre. After its great popularity more IITs were created and the second one was in Bombay. In next year that was 1959, two more IITs were established in Kanpur and Madaras. In the year of 1961, Delhi IIT was established. Then the IIT Guwahat was established.

Although IIT Roorkee was the oldest university and also became the first technical university of India in 1949 but was counted among these seven IITs in 2001.

IIT-JEE exams are one of the toughest exams at cbse 10+2 level. As it is very competitive exam so it naturally requires a specific coaching. Earlier its pattern was too tough as compare to present exam pattern.

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