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How to Prepare Chemistry CBSE Sample Papers 12 10 class

How to Prepare for Chemistry - CBSE Chemistry Sample papers

For a science side student Physics, Biology and Chemistry are three top difficult subjects rest English and math are easy as compare to above. Tips for Biology and Physics have already been given to the students if you are unaware of these tips, read here Biology tips - Physics tips

Now it is time to talk about CBSE Chemistry. Here are some chemistry tips for the students. How to prepare for chemistry?

The first point as it has been discussed earlier, practice and read Chemistry daily for at least one hour. The main problem students face at the time of learning and understanding Reactions. Just learning is not enough in chemistry. A better and deep understanding is required to be an expert of chemistry. It is very important to have a deep and sound knowledge of all chemistry concepts. Then only you will be able to learn it quickly.

Don’t deceive your self by devoting too much time to your study. Quality is more important than quantity. So always give importance for quality reading. Practice is more important. So always practice physics sums and try to write other theory questions as well after regular intervals.

Many students don’t consider school class important and give preference to their tuitions, but if you are well prepared for school class and take an active participation in there it will also help you to learn it quickly. Always read the topics of your Chemistry book that will be discussed in your class room. If you have a prior idea of the topic you would be able to grasp it easily. Chemistry is not like a story it require deep and slow reading so that you could be able to understand the topic.

First prepare all the topics of your CBSE NCERT books and then only go for other Chemistry sample papers and CBSE chemistry previous year papers.

You should practice what you have studied in class. Marks the problem and ask them either from your class teacher or tutor. Always practice in written. If you practice in this way it means you developing your confidence level which is very important for a student.

After completion of CBSE NCERT books you must practice previous year Chemistry sample papers which will increase your confidence level. You would also be able to point out your difficulties and problems. Solve these problems too and surely in this way you would be able to get high marks in your examination. Last year question papers and sample papers would be a good move after NCERT.

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