Friday, December 26, 2008

Solved Cbse Question Papers 12 10 Class

About Cbse Solved question paper for the last 10 years

Students must practice the last 10 year cbse question papers.

How to practice:

Buy any good cbse solved sample paper that consist all the solved question papers of CBSE board examinations for at least past 10 years. If you have finished your cbse NCERT Books and have a good command of each and every topic of your text book then it is the good time to practice these all.

Select one of 10 years question paper, set your alarm watch for 3 hours and start solving it. Ask your family member not to disturb you meanwhile.

Don't look for any help from any of your help book and do it sincerely. Match the answers of solved question paper with the solution after you have completed the question paper. Check your performance, what your weak areas are, and where you need to work hard.

You would be able to judge yourself. Now after knowing your weak and strong areas work accordingly to improve more. Now again find time for 3 hours and again go for a practice like your board exams. Repeat the same procedure after your completion and solve out your problems. Check your timing as well, how much time it took to finish a paper. Did you able to finish it within the time limit, if not then try to find out which portion of your question paper took your time?

Before your CBSE board examinations try to finish all these sample papers. If you gets success I hope, you will definitely score 100% in your board examinations. Prepare all your subjects as well. Try more model test paper and practice them sincerely.

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