Saturday, December 27, 2008

How to study economics

How to Study Economics 

Economics is new subjects for those who have taken Arts and Commerce after CBSE 10th class. Economics is very interesting subject and needs a deep understanding. It consist practical questions, theoretical questions, diagram and graphs.

Students need to understand the concept first. If you have a good understanding of concept you would learn the question quickly. Graphs are the core of economics, so you need to give an extra effort on graphs. Many times the question is based entirely on graphical presentation; you need to answer the question with the help and on the basis of graphs only.

Graphs always based on numerical data. So it is also important to take those data figures only that match with your graphs as well. Apart from Graphs there are some numerical questions as well like calculate national income, GDP, NDP at fc etc. there are some formulas to solve these questions. Learn those and always have a revision after 1 month.

Give at least one hour a day for economics. On your weekends revise whatever you have prepared in that week. At the month end again review all your topics. Now you will feel confident in the topic you have covered. Revisions after specific intervals is must, it fix the topic in your mind permanently. Don’t forget to practice all your graphs as well.

What books should buy? How to Score high Marks in Economics

There are many books available in the market based on NCERT pattern. But notes play a very vital role and have its own importance in Economics, self prepared notes helps you to get huge marks in your CBSE board examinations. Find a good tutor for Economics. Always prepare neat and clean notes. These notes will save your time at the time of examination and you will get the complete idea by just a quick review.

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